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Copy of Mini cooper : Marketing Strategy

Marketing Strategy for Launch of Mini Cooper in India

Dhanasurya Janarthanan

on 28 April 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Mini cooper : Marketing Strategy

Marketing Strategy Results Executive Summary Mini Cooper Important
Details (cc) photo by Metro Centric on Flickr Positioning Targeting Segmentation
Price Product
Designing the marketing strategy
keeping the Indian Market in mind Cost Effectiveness of a Hybrid
Car TODAY!! Creating awareness about the new
product by communication The company The product The Strategic Vision The Virgin Group Mini Cooper Hybrid Introduction PRODUCT TYPE :
Durable product
Top-of-the-range, small and urban car
Introduction of an automotive legend in the Indian Market
Reliability, safety and comfort
Go- Kart handling and road holding
Environment protection
Brand image : MINI Cooper

Practical implication
Originality / Value
Concept (Hybrid Car)
Price : Too costly
More personalization
Competitors Offensive strategy (Communication)
Partnerships, Association projects (Competitive advantage)
perception Problems
(for eg. About the innovation)
Communication Delivery Problems
Alliances, Partnerships
“To allow people to drive safely in a car while giving it
their personal touch, finding everywhere a place to park,
and preserving the environment” The new way of living!! Pre launch Post launch Auto expo Online promotion Direct Promotion Television/Cinema Ads Billboards Radio Jingles Print Media The aim of the objectives is to position the brand, to choose the most appropriate promotional mix, to set up time limits for campaigns and methods of evaluation Advertising Advertising
Communication strategy Pull strategy Push strategy Public Relations Continuation of pre launch activites

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