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Intro to the Art of Personal Branding

A compilation of tips from great thinkers around the web on how to start building your personal brand.

Hanmi Meyer

on 7 March 2013

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Transcript of Intro to the Art of Personal Branding

Intro to The Art of
Personal Branding Step 1:
Develop your
brand mantra Get Emotional Check Yourself What's Your Function? Ask yourself:
What service do I have to offer people?
How am I unique in what I offer? Ask yourself:
What field/industry am I in ?
How would I describe my work?
Who is my target audience? Ask yourself:
How do I make people feel?
What is the benefit of working with me?
How do others describe me? All Together Now... Your brand mantra should:
• communicate clearly who you are
• be simple and memorable
• feel inspiring to you Step 2:
Get a proper headshot! Make sure you know what your photo is saying behind your back! Avoid distracting elements:
• busy backgrounds, loud colors/patterns
• "flair" - jewelry, pins, accessories, etc... The image should be recent
and not overly trendy Subject in sharp focus with good lighting Headshots should never look like a mugshot, driver's license, or webcam photo. Avoid the crazy face... Builds credibility Communicates a
clear message Shows good judgement
& professionalism Shows you are a friendly & approachable person Step 3:
Make connections &
build your business "Within the personal branding movement, people and their careers are marketed as brands complete with promises of performance, specialized designs, and tag lines for success. . . leading to a uniquely distinguishable, and ideally memorable, impression." ". . . update your photo every year or two and use this photo across all of your social media. This creates your brand consistency and helps people connect with you. Think of your head shot as your logo." ". . . the image you post of yourself is the first glimpse potential clients have of the person they will be hiring. That is why professional headshots are so important." "People want to connect with people, not merely brands, products, or causes." Choose a pro
photographer you
feel comfortable with. Share your
brand mantra. Get your photo taken.
This should include guidance on wardrobe,
makeup, and hair! Review your proofs
and pick your favorites. Post your final image(s)
on your website, linked in, facebook, twitter, etc. Retouching... how much is right for you? Which image best represents you professionally? Before What a photo session might look like... What Makes a headshot good? The process of getting headshots Capture the joy! Capture the joy! Marketization and the Recasting of the Professional Self
The Rhetoric and Ethics of Personal Branding
Lair, Sullivan, & Cheney, University of Utah *Megan Marrs
The Daily Muse - Forbes.com
http://onforb.es/wAL9ff *Michael Hyatt, Intentional Leadership http://bit.ly/qPZDGP *American Marketing Association *Success for Solopreneurs Your professional headshot should also set the tone and mood of your business. *Success for Solopreneurs Does using a professional photographer make a difference? After http://onforb.es/wAL9ff http://onforb.es/wAL9ff http://onforb.es/wAL9ff http://onforb.es/wAL9ff http://bit.ly/sjPddY http://bit.ly/H8Keqw http://bit.ly/gNebYP http://read.bi/QHSDKD http://bit.ly/YA5dNI This is the tagline & mantra for H2Meyer Photography A picture is worth
1000 words http://h2meyer.com
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