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Why were the Jews singled out?

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Megan Dwyer

on 9 April 2013

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Transcript of Why were the Jews singled out?

How They Viewed Them They thought Jews were a threat to Christianity. They had rumors saying they were devil worshipers and practiced witchcraft. They blamed them for political, social, economic, and ethical problems . The Jews were victims of a lot of negative propaganda. Persuading the People in Europe When the Nazi party had just arrived in 1920 to 1945, this gave Hitler most of the power to convince people to hate Jews and join his side to separate them.
Most of the citizens who are non-Jews bought Hitler's book "Mein Kampf," which was about the removal of Jews.
This movement “Voelkisch movement” was interpreted into people trying to shape Europe by banning the Jewish popularity and Non-Germans ( the Non-Germans could be either Chinese, African, or Islamic.) How They Treated Them The way that the Nazi's treated the Jews was horrible. They treated them as if they were animals and not good for anything except labor. They thought the the Jewish people were a threat to the established order of society, therefore made the Jews a target for persecution and destruction by the Nazis.

Concentration Camp Why Were the Jews singled out
for extermination? by Noon, Megan, and Justin The act of singling them out is called antisemitic. That is the discrimination of Jews. The Nazis saw the Jews as a race whose goal was world domination. Singling them Out Sign says "Jews not welcome here" in German The Star of David Non-Aryan The Nazis viewed Jews as an unfit race. They only wanted Aryan people. This effected their views of Jewish people. They thought it was there duty to eliminate non-Aryans to create a perfect Aryan race. Hitler's image of a perfect world was of people with blue eyes and yellow hair. What the Germans' Considered a Perfect Person They often thought that the specific ( people who hate Jewish) were okay, and left them alone. They often tried to stop Jewish popularity by burning down their shops and buildings, due to the event of 1932. B Bibliography ideas.wikia.com
slushba132.deviantart.com Conclusion The Jews were singled out because they were viewed as an unfit race, and blamed for all of the worlds problems. The Germans wanted a world of Aryan people. Anyone who trusted antisemitism ( the ones who were Jewish were not accepted or even counted) were not bothered ( unless they were Citizens from Asia, or the U.S, or Africa.) Antisemitism Early Christians blamed Jewish people for the crucifixion of Jesus. This was stuck onto the Christian and Protestant's brains which wasn't good for the Jews. After many persecutions and hatred, the Jews achieved some rights in Europe after the Enlightenment. After a while the Jews were targeted again for their beliefs and ideas.
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