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Edith Reynoso & Kyra Burnett

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lib hist

on 12 September 2014

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Transcript of Edith Reynoso & Kyra Burnett

Edith Reynoso & Kyra Burnett
Walker was a very prestigious women because of her self sacrifice, loyalism, devotion for her country and dedication to women's rights.
Walker always had an unwavering sense for her country. She tried to join the military as a medical doctor but when rejected, she volunteered as a surgeon and stood on the front line for two years.
Mary Edwards Walker
Background Information
On November 26th, 1832 in Upstate New York, Mary Edwards Walker was born.She was the youngest of 5 sisters and one brother. Walker had an early education, pursuing in a man's field, she later graduated medical school in 1855 at the young age of 21. Walker was a unique women for a variety of things but mostly because of her choice in clothes. Walker often wore bloomers but as she aged, she started to wear trousers and men coats to spread awareness of sexism and women's right.
Walker was captured by the confederate army but still remained loyal to her country even in times of hardship.
Walker was a selfless woman dedicating and devoting her life to injured soldiers without considering the risk of death.
Fun Facts
-Mary walker was awarded in 1865, but in 1917 congress changed the criitera for awarding the medal of honor.Walkers medal was recinded,but she refused to give it back and wore it till her death in 1919
-" In 1977, the Army Board of Corrections posthumously restored the Medal of Honor to Dr. Mary Walker, stating that her acts of “distinguished gallantry, self sacrifice, patriotism, dedication and unflinching loyalty to her country despite the apparent discrimination because of her sex,” made the award of the Medal of Honor to Walker “appropriate.”
-Walker wore mens clothing and attempted to vote but later was caught"

-Walker was captured by the Conferderate Army (she was arrested for spying)
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