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French Revolution

DJ Dawson,Quincy Booth,Ajani Tate,Naiomi Mathews,Ruby Razo

Dj Dawson

on 16 September 2012

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Transcript of French Revolution

Louis XVL and Marie Antoinette The French Nobility Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette were the King and Queen of France during the French Revolution in 1774-1793. Who were they? Louis XVI was a king that wanted to change the way of France. Louis didn't know what he was doing, and he often listened to what others told him. Louis XVI Marie Antoinette French Revolution The Guillotine is an instrument that was used for beheading criminals.
It was designed by French doctor Joseph-Ignace Guillotine. What Is The Guillotine? Marie Antoinette was the Queen of France (1775-1793). She was carefree and only really cared about wealth. Marie was unfaithful and did whatever necessary to get what she wanted. She would also boss her husband King Louis around and tell him how things should be done as a King. What Is The French Revolution? How Long Was The French Revolution? The French Revolution was a war that started with the uprising of peasants, that didn't have any voice in the government The French Revolution started in 1789 when the French Government started to go bankrupt. It ended in 1799 when Napoleon Bonaparte seized control over France. Charles Dickens At the age of 12 dickens dropped out of high school. What Caused The French Revolution? The French Revolution was influenced by Enlightenment ideals, particularly the concepts of popular sovereignty and inalienable rights. The Guillotine Charles Dickens was born February 7, 1812. In 1836 he began to
publishing monthly
installments. Bastille Day The Bastille was a trigger to the French Revolution, but over time got turned into a national holiday in France, called "The Bastille Day." The Bastille was a 400 year old stone fortress, surrounded by moat & water to prevent entry History of the Bastille On the morning of July, 14 1789 the people of France took matters into their own hands. A crowd swept in and held 7 prisoners in the Bastille, while other prisoners were either released, or moved. The French Revolution The accused rode in open carts,and a 90 lb. blade dropped from 7 feet. Then the head rolled down into a basket for everyone to see. The Guillotine,also known as "The Widow", was named the death penalty of France in 1791. Approximately 52% of France supported this new idea. How did it work? The Guillotine was responsible for the execution of King Louis XIV and Queen Marie Antoinette.
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