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The Golden Age of Greece

No description

gs students

on 29 April 2017

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Transcript of The Golden Age of Greece

Athenian Democracy compared to U.S. Democracy
Athenian Government
Democracy started Athens during the Golden Age. The name democracy comes from the demos meaning people and
meaning rule. So that means rule by people. As many as 500 jurors could serve. After the democracy started Pericles was an Athenian leader who thought that the poor should take part in the government. Before the democracy the Athens had an Oligarchy Government which was rule of wealth people, but over time the slaves demanded more say.
The Legal System
All of the citizens over 30 were expected to volunteer for jury service. There was no professional judges. If you did try to bribe a jury it would be very hard because there was over 200 men. Most citizens would conduct their own cases.
Because there was many city-states in Greece they had many kinds of government. The four main types of government are
Monarchy- rule of a king
Oligarchy- rule of the few (wealthy ruled)
Tyranny- rule by one who ruled without legal authority (very short time period)
Democracy- rule of the people
By the late Bronze Age all of the city states seemed to be using Monarchy.
Government in Greece:
By Bre Turner 6L

What was the government like?
Government in Greece:
This is a picture of where the Athenian people would hold meetings or other things like trials and on the right is an image of the council of 500.
Athenian Democracy:
Citizenship: male; 18 years old; born citizen parents
Assembly of all citizens votes on law
Leader is selected randomly or elected
As many as 500 jurors could serve
U.S. Democracy:
Citizenship: born in U.S. or completed citizen process
Representative are elected to law-making body
Leader is elected
Juries usually have 12 jurors
Hope you had as much fun as I did!
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