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QSA Senior Modern History: Cold War Propaganda - Seeds of Fear

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Ryan Slavin

on 20 September 2013

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Transcript of QSA Senior Modern History: Cold War Propaganda - Seeds of Fear

Pop culture planting the seeds of fear.
Seeds of Fear
Propaganda used by the U.S during the Cold War.
Films in the 1950's seemed to have a reoccurring theme.
If movies like these didn't plant the seeds of fear of communism into the minds of civilians, then they were the fertiliser that helped the dwindling tickles of fear turn into full blown panic in the U.S.
The Truman Doctrine was a policy that stated that the U.S would assume responsibility for the defence of any national government threatened with subversion from within or pressure from external forces as stated by C.Trueman 2011.
Truman Doctrine =

Alien = communist
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