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Ray Bradbury

No description

Jessica Brewka

on 6 September 2013

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Transcript of Ray Bradbury

Education and Early Career
Graduated from high school in 1938

He received no further education

Published first set of short stories in 1947 in a collection called Dark Carnival

Fully established his writing career with his short story collection called The Martian Chronicles in 1950
The Literary Era
Bradbury's Style
Distinctive diction throughout his work
A brief background...
Born in 1920 in Illinois

Hometown was featured in
many stories as a symbol of

Family moved to California
in 1934

Bonus Fact
Descendent of Mary
Bradbury, who was tried at
the Salem Witch Trials
in 1692
Short stories that we'll be reading in class...
The Pedestrian

There Will Come Soft Rains

Sound of Thunder
Historical Influence
Contemporary literature began during WWII and the Cold War

Influenced by threats of nuclear attack (There Will Come Soft Rains)

Pedestrian was inspired by real life experience

Fahrenheit 451 storyline was inspired by WWII events
Expressive imagery
Powerful metaphors
Poignant personifications
"...great python spitting
its venomous kerosene"
(Fahrenheit 451)
"With the brass nozzle
in his fist..." (Fahrenheit 451)
"...his hands were the
hands of some amazing
conductor playing all the
symphonies of blazing
and burning..."
(Fahrenheit 451)
"...the house jumped up in a
gorging fire that burned the
evening sky red and yellow
and black." (Fahrenheit 451)
Consists of simple language, engaging imagery, and straightforward diction
Themes and Motifs
Shadow vs. Light
Self-evaluation saves from self-destruction
Individual vs. Conformity
Intuition vs. Logic
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