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Canadian Sheild

No description

Katrina Hiltz

on 20 November 2013

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Transcript of Canadian Sheild

Canadian Shield
winter is 6-8 months and has a temp of 18 to -20 celusus. the growing season is 60-120 days and in the summer.the winds from the bay make this region very wet.
his region especially grows crops in the Quebec region.
the foxes appearance is small to medium.They have a flat skull,upright triangular ears ,a pointy slightly up turned snout,and a long bushy tail.The bushy tail is for balance and communication .
The spotted owl likes to eat small mammals such as:flying squirrels ,wood rats ,hares and Rabbits.
spotted owl:) By Rachel

the foxes diet includes rabbits birds and rodents,but the foxes diet is very flexible it can also include:fish,frogs,fruits and worms
The bears in the canadian shield love to fish.Thier average hieght is 3.5 but they can reach up to 6 or 7 feet.Males are two times heavier than females.They hibenate from 5 to 8 months.Brown bear females can have up to 1 or 2 babies per litter.Bears are large strong omnivores.They live all over the world.In the winter a bears heartbeat drops from 40 beats a minute to 8 beats a minute.A baby bear is the size of a chipmunk when it is born.When an adult grizzly wakes up in the spring its baby is strong enough to follow its mother out of the den.Brown bears prefer to live in forested moutains ,meadows and river vallys.male bears whiegh up to 700 pounds and femals are 350 pounds.

Natural resources
The total population of the canadian shield is 32,270,500



Compared to other metals gold is much softer.Very few chemicals can attack gold that's why gold stays shine even when buried for thousands of years.Gold is very rare compared with diamonds.Acording to some there is enough gold in the earths crust to cover all the land knee deep.No one completely knows where gold comes from.
Beavers are wild mammals that are great swimmers because of their tails.Beavers chop down trees with their buck teeth.Beavers use the wood they chop down for dams in rivers.

-squirrels mate twice a year
-squirrels nests are called dreys
-their sweat glands are on their feet
Limestone is a type of rock that is made up of animal shells.These shells gather at the bottom of the ocean.As the lower layers of mud and shells build up it makes LIMESTONE
Where Squirrels are found
By: Rachel, Kartrina, Jarrod, Tyce & Ty.
Where it is?

Squirrels are found all over the world, except for Australia. They are mammals and weigh less than 4 lbs. Ground squirrels eat nuts, leaves, roots, seeds, and other plants. They also catch and eat small animals, such as insects and caterpillars.
The canadian shield has a very rocky surface and a large amount of trees that mostly cover the region . It is found in the top right corner of Alberta, Ontario, Quebec and Labrador.
Land Forms
Limestone is used to make cement, roads, and fertilizer. In addition, many forms of limestone are strong enough to be used as building materials. People use limestone to make floors, for making the walls of buildings, and for building statues. Limestone is useful for building because it does not easily wear away and it is not difficult to shape. Over time, limestone buildings and statues may even turn from white to gray.
Minerals are naturally occurring substances formed by geological processes. They are usually solid and feature a crystal structure as well as specific physical properties and chemical composition.
The end
the canadian sheild includes: the Northwest Terittories Nunavut,Qubec,Alberta,Sackatchewan,Manitobia,Ontario,Newfoundland and Labidor,
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