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Elizabeth I The Ditchley Portrait

Analysis of the Ditchley Portrait

Miss E Ward

on 5 March 2013

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Transcript of Elizabeth I The Ditchley Portrait

Look at the background What is she looking towards?
What is behind her? Look at what Elizabeth is standing on Why is she standing on it? Symbolism What are these symbols on her dress?
Why is her dress decorated in them? Look at her clothes Angel Wings around her head - she is sent from God What is she holding? A Fan It was painted c.1592 The Ditchley Portrait 1588 was the Spanish Armada The Tudor Rose House of Lancaster House of York The white dress - to symbolise purity Expensive jewels and pearls A rose - symbolising youth and it is flowering and blossoming like the Queen. A Glove Gloves were worn by army officers.
Shows military strength Only the very rich had fans at this time
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