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SoFi Jeopardy

July 9th, 2017

Joshua Johnson

on 9 July 2017

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Transcript of SoFi Jeopardy



What must be included in your notes for calls related to PL Servicing?
What seven items need to be seen on a pay stub?.
What is:
1) Employer name
2) Applicant name
3) Pay period end date
4) Pay or check date
5) Regular pay period earnings
6) Year-to-date earnings
7)Taxes and deductions?
What is the phone number the member is calling in from?
Does the borrower need to have graduated from college?
What is no?
What type of parent plus loans are ineligible to refinance under the parent plus refi product?
What are private parent plus loans?
Can applicants refinance previously consolidated loans with SoFi?

What is yes?
What things are you NOT able to use a personal loan for?
What are real estate and post-secondary education expenses?
If the Verify Ownership task states "Accept with Risk" what do we need?
What is to verify that the listed address is the most current address in the credit profile. If unable to confirm address we will need a document to confirm their address?
If someone spells their name as Mike on their application but their legal name is Michael, what do we need to do in order to make the name change?
What is to verify legal name on a valid identification document and the credit file.
What are the required items to apply for an unemployment forbearance?
What are the current requirements for each RMC metric?
What is:
1) Quality 90%+
2) AHT =/>454 seconds
3) ACW =/>15 second
4) OB Dials 25/hr
5) Chats 7/hr
6) Adherence 95%

If it is June 1st what must we have in order to consider bonus income?
What is a current pay stub and a previous year's year end pay stub?
Since the student is still in school how long before this type of loan goes into repayment?
What is immediate repayment?
What is SoFi parent loans are not eligible for the parent plus refi product?
A student calls in to refinance his personal student loans and the parent plus loans his parent had taken out for him. Can the member refinance both types of loans together?
What is yes?
Is the SoFi Personal Loan a secured or unsecured loan?
What is the requirement for VOE's we receive?

What is that they are send directly from the employer?
How do we complete the pre-funding review task for a parent in school loan?
Who is just like the personal loan?
What is needed for an applicant to take over a parent plus loan that was taken out in their name?
Who is a letter of direction?
What are the eligibility requirements to take out a student loan refinance with SoFi?
Who is Richard Nixon?
How is the SoFi PL different from a credit card debt?
What is SoFi Personal Loans have a fixed repayment term. Credit cards often have high variable rates and no set repayment term.
Offer letters can be considered for personal loans if the start date is less than ____ days from the final review?
What is 90?
What two required documents are unique to this type of loan?
What is a financial aid award letter and a self-certification form?
What is needed in order for a student to take over a parent plus loan that has been refinanced with SoFi under the parent plus refi product?
What is WGU Indiana?
How many months of a grace period will Sofi honor?
Who is six months?
An application will be declined for having how many credit inquiries?

What is three or more unsecured or collection credit inquiries within 90 days of the date of the credit record pull?
If someone started an s-corp February, 2016 what must be provided to consider the income?
What is
1) Two year's 1040 with all schedules
2) Most recent 2 years schedule K-1 (form 1120s)
3) If 2016 taxes haven't been filed we need proof of an extension.
4) YTD P&L for 2017 if 2016 taxes haven't been filed
5) For any wage income for officers and non officers we need most recent pay stub and 2 years of W-2s) ?
What is up to the cost of attendance?
What product(s) would be required if a parent wanted to refinance their own student loans and a Parent Plus loan?
How does a member change their due date on their variable rate student loan?
What is variable rates are not eligible for a due date change request?

H1B Visa Holders can take out a maximum loan of what amount and what term?
What is a 3yr term and a $35,000 max?

What is an unsecured loan?
What steps need to be taken for an applicant to refinance SoFi parent loans into a parent plus refinance?
What is both a Parent Plus and regular Student Loan Refi product?

Daily Double
Daily Double
Daily Double
What is:
1) Certify in writing on a forbearance request form that he or she is eligible for unemployment compensation.
2) Proof of unemployement via separation letter or unemployment aid letter.
3) Must agree to register and work with SoFi's Career Advisory Group
What is the maximum amount the borrower can take out?
Parent In

No more WFM adjustments for long calls/chats
We have 30 minutes each day to be out of adherence
Watch your NICE constantly-make it a habit!
New schedules start next week!
Team Josh Wed-Thur: 8:30 AM-7:00 PM Sat-Sun 7:00 AM - 5:30 PM
Seating may change so make sure to take your belongings with you today.
New security badges
Make sure to look for yours over the next few days
FOB is still required so please don't lose it!
OT is being requested indefinitely!
I will be signing up for some OT and will be here to support you during that time if you are interested in OT.

Trend Portals
Make sure you bookmark your link I sent you.
I will be updating the metric tab as we go. For now I will create graphs for AHT, ACW, Chat/Hr, and Quality!
Side by sides - Weekly side by side updates
Metrics -
1:1 Responses - Houses your response from filling out the coaching form each week
DPA - Will show any disciplinary action you are currently on
Feedback/OCEO - Will house any feedback from other managers and any OCEO complaints you have received
Other Items
Team competition July 10- Aug 10
Top team at the end of the month with the most 90% quality or higher will get to do a team dinner or each person gets a $20 gas card.
Farewell Josh, Jason, James, and Nina!
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