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Linda McKeon

on 20 June 2017

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

How are we doing?
The Learner's Journey
ILPs and SMART Targets

The Plan - We need to
How can all this inform your SAR?
Discuss why we use ILPs
Consider what makes an ILP effective
Revisit SMART target setting
Self-evaluate our use of ILPs and SMART targets
Team- evaluate our use of ILPs and SMART targets
Action plan (link with SAR)
Why do I use ILPs?
Learners use to recognise value of prior learning.
Take ownership.
Make sense of new experiences and understand how they learn.
Identify barriers to learning and
find support.
Measure own success.
Understand how vocational learning, personal and social learning and functional skills link to learning and real life.
Encourage personal progression.
Tutors use to review performance and respond to learners' needs.
als, tutorial records, learner performance, progression and exit information.
To integrate processes for initial assessment, action planning, learner contracts.
Match teaching to learner needs, ensure learners are on the right programme and are set high expectations.
Plan opportunities for learning in other contexts ie workplace.
What makes an ILP effective?

It should be
*A record of learning goals and progress results of initial, on-going or summative assessments as well as personal targets and achievements
* A dynamic working document updated by the learner following discussion/tutorials with tutor
So why bother?
International Research
UK Case studies
Rate them 1- 7
1 is the biggest barrier.
Any others?
What makes an ILP effective?
Targets that are
Consider some ILPs- are they effective?
Progress- Think CIF
So how are you doing?
Complete the ILP health check list
for your own practice and then for your team's practice.
How do they compare?
The 5 Dysfunctions of a team....
A truely cohesive team will
Trust one another.
Engage in unfiltered conflict.
Commit to decisions and action plans.
Hold one another accountable for delivering against those plans.
Focus on the achievement of collective results.
Complete the action plan
Evaluate and Review
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