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THIEVES Pre-Reading Strategy

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angela bramowski

on 8 August 2013

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Transcript of THIEVES Pre-Reading Strategy

Let's Practice!
1. Preview
2. Read
3. Summarize
4. Evaluate
5. Exit Slip
The Elements of THIEVES
Every first sentence
Visuals and Vocabulary
End of chapter questions
What is the title?
What do I already know about this topic?
What does this topic have to do with the preceding chapter?
Does the title express a point of view?
What do I think I will be reading about?
What does this heading tell me I will be reading about?
What is the topic of the paragraph beneath it?
How can I turn this heading into a question that is likely to be answered in the text?
Is there an opening paragraph, perhaps italicized?
Does the first paragraph introduce the chapter?
What does the introduction tell me I will be reading about?
Do I know anything about this topic already?
Every 1st Sentence
What do I think this chapter is going to be about based on by the first sentence in each paragraph?
Does the chapter include photographs, drawings, maps, charts, or graphs?
What can I learn from the visuals in a chapter?
How do captions help me better understand the meaning?
Is there a list of key vocabulary terms and definitions?
Are there important words in boldface type throughout the chapter?
Do I know what the boldfaced words mean?
Can I tell the meaning of the boldfaced words from the sentences in which they
are embedded?
End of Chapter Questions
What do the questions ask?
What information do they earmark as important?
What information do I learn from the questions?
Let me keep in mind the end-of-chapter questions so that I may annotate my text where pertinent information is located.
What do I understand and recall about the topics covered in the summary?
Now What?
Let's "Steal" some information!
What is the function of this strategy?
Can you think of a similar strategy you have used for non-fiction?
What changes would you make?
Essential Questions
How does previewing the text help you gain understanding?
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