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Wait, Have We Been Lied To??

No description

Lori Bishop-Ley

on 27 October 2015

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Transcript of Wait, Have We Been Lied To??

Wait, Have We
Been Lied To?

What are Ways to
Stop Rape???
The goal of bystander intervention strategies is to:
What the CDC says:
Victim Blaming
If a woman doesn't put up a fight, she wasn't actually raped.
Myth Busters
Women can avoid being raped by dressing sensibly, not acting "sexy," not getting drunk, and not going out alone at night.

Assailants are usually crazed psychopaths
or leering men on a dark street corner.
Men rape because they cannot
control their sexual urges.
It is impossible to sexually assault a man.
In the Media
Got Your Back

When you see something,
do something.
When you hear something,
say something.

You are at a party. A highly intoxicated woman you don’t know comes over to one of your friends. You overhear her ask your friend to help her get back to her dorm room. She is hanging all over him. Your friend has told you he finds her attractive and would like to have sex with her.
You are at a presentation on sexual harassment. A student next to you leans over and whispers, “It sounds like she asked for it!” Then that student begins to laugh.
"That skirt is too short,
no wonder you got raped."
"You walked through a
dangerous neighborhood,
what did you expect?"
"You talk about your sex life openly,
no wonder no wonder people touch
you without your consent."
"You blog about being
bisexual no wonder men
don't respect you"
"You drank all that alcohol, what
did you think would happen?"
Many people lie about being raped.
Sexual assault and rape are usually
"he said/she said" communication problems.
What are the
pros and cons of....
Doing nothing. It's none of my business.
Talking to your friend. Explaining that she may be too drunk to give consent.
Offering to take her home. Making sure she arrives there safely and then leaving.
Finding her friends and asking them to take her home.
What are the
pros and cons of...
Doing nothing. It's none of my business.
Giving the person a disapproving look.
Waiting until the presentation is over and trying to engage the student in a conversation, asking why s/he made the comment.
Telling the presenter and hoping s/he will say something
Intervention Styles
There are many different intervention styles.

Do what works best for you and keeps you safe!
Will YOU be an
active bystander?

1. Is there something going on?

2. Is it a problem or emergency?

3. Should I take responsibility?

4. Do I know how to help?

5. Will I help?

What is the bystander effect?
Why bystander intervention?
When to do or say something
Jokes about sexual assault
Degrading comments
Demeaning language
Pressure to drink
Pressure to hook up
Drunk hook ups
Bragging about drunk hook ups
Change social norms that support sexual violence

Empower men and women to intervene with peers to prevent an assault from occurring
Causes of Rape

Any sexual activity performed in the absence of consent or through coercion
Rape or attempted rape- forced, oral, anal, or vaginal sex with any body part of object
Unwanted rough/violent sexual activity
Keeping someone from protecting themselves from unwanted pregnancy or STIs
Sexual contact with someone who is very drunk, drugged, unconscious or unable to give a clear and informed consent

Sexual Assault: Any sexual act against another’s will

The act of
to engage in sexual activity. Consent must be
freely given
and can be
withdrawn at any time
. Consent can

Sexual Consent
Get Involved
Sexual Violence Committee
Certified SCE Facilitator
Thank you!
Check out our website sce.osu.edu or email SCEinfo@osu.edu
Sexual Civility and Empowerment | Student Advocacy Center
Please fill out our brief evaluation form: go.osu.edu/evalsce
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