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The right package!

No description

William Diamond

on 12 September 2017

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Transcript of The right package!

The right package!
A tale of two mailings:
Good Examples of Direct Mail Packages
Direct Mail Packages
This will get you started on your project!
Postcard Mania:
Remember, the major function of the envelope is to get you to open it! Teaser copy is incredibly important!
Take a look at these winning political self-mailers (both political parties!) Look how clear the messages are! Look how
space is wasted! Look for the direct mail at this website:
My favorite is targeted to cat owners!

What will it cost to mail my package?
need to know and tell me the price of the package including postage! If the mailing costs $5, and you are trying to sell cupcakes for $3, you have to redesign your package because it CAN'T work! Here are some websites to helpyou figure this out.
Don't forget to include the postage cost!
(It's a common mistake!)
Websites to help you figure out mailing costs!

Don't forget that some of these calculators DON'T include postage costs! But you MUST!
This might help to understand the PMOD abbreviation, even though you might not use it!
What's wrong
with this?
Compare to
messages of
Trump and
I really like Dean Reick's approach to the use of "real estate" on the envelope. What is it?
if you are mailing to an animal donor list, including this sticker increases response. BUT if you are mailing to a medical charity donor list, this decreases response. Why?
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