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Adobe Photoshop

No description

Patricia Urb

on 12 February 2013

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Transcript of Adobe Photoshop

Patricia Pina ADOBE PHOTOSHOP CS6 Team 6 Nathan Garza Derek Schoch Marco Suriano Introduction This software is useful for the novice, causal photo taker to the professional photographer or graphic designer. New Photoshop users can find learning its features difficult. The new interface and an abundance of new features are what make this software the best on the market. The price is the only set back for a novice user; therefore, it is usually purchased by serious photographers and graphic designers. Background Information Video Tutorials for Key Features Our Recommendations CS6 Adobe Team 6 Software Cost Options:
1) New- $699
2) 30 Day Free Trail
$20 per month
3) For UTEP Students-Free Used by:
Web designers
Video graphic designers, and
3D artists Adobe Photoshop CS6 Software Program Allows you to enhance or manipulate photos to create an original art work Though the software is expensive, interested individuals can download the trial basis to experience it before they buy. Experimenting with the program will allow you to consider if the time spent to learn it and the features it provides are worth purchasing the software. Get started at www.adobe.com Blur-Tilt Content Aware Crop Adobe Photoshop CS6 offers many features for beginners and experienced users.

This software will be extremely beneficial in creating dynamic visual effects to many projects.
Advance design tools will help create images, enhance pictures, and edit video.
Other photo editing software like, Windows Photo Gallery, provides limited effects. Others like GIMP, are too technical for everyone to use.
Adobe Photoshop is considered one of the most reliable and leading photo editor. By obtaining preliminary information though our report, English 3359 students have an advantage of how to use this program during their trial service.
Once becoming familiar with the software, it becomes easier to use and more comfortable to play with.
There are many instructional resources online with exceptional video tutorials. mydesktop.utep.edu or Adobe Photoshop CS6 is the newest version of Adobe’s Creative Suite photo-editing software. Our team of four students experimented, researched this software, and created this presentation. Our purpose is to help potential user learn about this software. In the presentation, we will explain the benefits of using this innovative software, the software’s features, and what is new to this addition. Students, photographers, graphic designers, and businesses will reap many benefits from using photo-editing software like this one. Since it is difficult to choose between the many different software programs out there, this presentation will show why Adobe Photoshop CS6 is the best choice. It is important to learn the feature of this software, so you can perform the task you need to accomplish with ease. We will teach you some of its features in this presentation. We will provide background information of our team research, why we researched this software, its main features, and who uses it. You will learn how to use the program, its strength and weakness, and tips on how to make learning this software easier. We then recommend who this software is for and alternative software. If a user gets stuck, there are plenty of demonstrative videos being offered by the manufacturer at http://helpx.adobe.com/learning/, as well as several user uploaded walk-throughs on such sites as You Tube. Analysis Merging Images Adobe Photoshop is a complex and powerful program capable of unique photo and video editing processes. For new users, patience is a requirement as there is much to learn about the program’s organization. Cost is a realistic barrier between potential users and the product. With a price tag of nearly $500, some editors are looking for alternatives. The program does demonstrate industry leading capabilities such as the Content Aware Move, Patch, and Blur tools. To many editors, these features are worth the price of the program. Adobe does offer a thirty day free trial download for Photoshop. This trial contains all features that would be found in the purchased software.
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