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The Impact of the Bna on Canada

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Kiana L

on 13 April 2016

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Transcript of The Impact of the Bna on Canada

What is British North America?
British North America existed between 1783, when United States became independent from the British, and 1867 Canada’s Confederation.
Health Care
There were many diseases going around British North America. They didn't fully understand the importance of clean drinking water for the diseases not to spread so easily.

Today in Canada, we realize the importance of clean drinking water, how diseases spread, so we're more careful to try not to spread
British Government
Important decisions about the colonies were made by the Great Britain government

Today in Canada the British government still plays a role in decisions within the Canadian government but not such a big part anymore
Going to School wasn't very important to them, learning a trade or working on a farm seemed like a way to get ahead however the europeans settlers knew how to read and write, from family members. Most schools were run by religious organizers, many people thought that behavior and religious instructions were the most important thing for a student to learn. Because of that you would go to a different school depending on your religion
The Colonies
British North America was made up of the following Colonies: Upper (Ontario)and lower (Quebec) Canada, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, Newfoundland, British Coloumbia and Vancouver Island.
The Impact of the Bna on Canada
(British North america)
British Columbia and Vancouver Island didn't merge until 1866
Education is very important in Canada today, if you don't have a good education, you might not get very far in life. getting an education is mandatory in canada. religion education are still in certain schools in canada.
Changing your world textbook
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