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Prezi: the Zooming PowerPoint Alternative

Corporate presentation

엄 혜경

on 8 September 2015

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Transcript of Prezi: the Zooming PowerPoint Alternative

Get more qualified leads from your email and online marketing campaigns.
Close more deals, accelerate the sales cycle and fill the funnel with prospects.
Generate ideas, collaborate real-time with the entire team in an intuitive way.
Increase retention of valuable information regardless of location and device.
Vegas Tradeshow
280 visits/week
Field Sales
Enable your sales team with a conversation tool over a coffee.
'Starbucks' Sales Enablement
Sales meetings
are moving from the boardroom, into the
coffee shop

Generate ideas, collaborate real-time with the entire team in an intuitive way.
Increase retention of valuable information regardless of location and device.
Close more deals, accelerate the sales cycle and fill the funnel with prospects.
Get more qualified leads from your email and online marketing campaigns.
Sales Cycle
Lead Conversion
1.000 visits over 4 days
Prezi Virtual Tradeshow
On your
Landing page
Use of Visual
Story Telling
Lunch meeting, sitting across from each other, takes 1-2 hours
Prezi meeting over a coffee, sitting elbow-2-elbow, takes 30 mins
$190 /meeting
$46 /meeting
Meet at the office
Prezi Online Meeting
Travel + 2-3 day lodging, once a quarter.
Based on 8 person team spread over 4 offices
Prezi Vision Pitch
Youtube Solution Videos
1,500+ impressions in 30 days
~300 Impressions in 90 days
Instantly, wherever you are,
as often as needed.
Production cost of $8,000
Production cost of $4,000
"What we fear the most is will your presentation be long and will it be boring"
Investment By Corporations In Presentations
Panel of Buyers at Sales 2.0 Conference in London
Reduce Cost
Explosion of Impressions
Increase in Revenue
For Something New And Different
Trade show
"The future of sales is not about
you sell, but
you sell."
Landing Page
All Hands
Create an
authentic experience
, as if you are looking over the shoulder of the researcher.
Corporate Vision
Starbucks selling

Use online or offline
Simple to edit and customize
Sit side by side with your client
Conversation vs. presentation
. Make the way how you share it,
stand out
as well.
Use-case: Cenoplex.com

Prezi is used to communicate Cenoplex's exciting vision for wireless operators to communicate with its clients in a new way.
Add a Prezi to
your landing page

lead conversion
This Prezi on the landing page increases lead conversion by explaining; why, how and what the company does in a few simple steps.
Use-case: SignNow.com

Prezi helps you,
design, train
generate leads
for your biggest events.
2. Sales training
Simple to add corporate videos, PDFs and presentations. Turns a Prezi into a visual training aid for the booth staff.
1. Booth design
Import booth pictures from designer, to get a realistic feel for the flow and layout.
3. Client Follow-Up
Add client interviews from the show floor, and turn a Prezi overnight, into an online sales tool.
are everywhere
A whiteboard space to brainstorm and clarify
Clarify ideas and share new concepts
Remotely, feels like being in the room with real people
Augment the conversation with visuals
in all stages of the product development process
Use-case: Artiphon
Use-Case: Transformation of a Sales Team | 35,000 views | 89 likes
Present from your iPad
Stimulate the conversation
Easy to navigate: double-tap, swipe and pinch
Clients frequently express how the
best experience
comes from a whiteboard session!
Whiteboard Selling
Conversion Rates
Reduction of Sales Cycle
Time to productivity
Whiteboard Style Presentations as a replacement for
Powerpoint style presentations
A Harte-Hanks Company
Users willing to register online for a white paper, the highest of any content offered.
Users who prefer visualized info over reading an article.
Views on a prezi white paper using visuals.
Use-case: FutureOfSalesIsNOW.com
Prezi as a digital white paper, an authentic experience that engages your audience.
Selling SaaS in the Enterprise | 250,000 views | 1,000 likes
Visual images increase retention rate by 55%
Leverages context "let's take a closer look"
Help people see, understand, and remember
"Prezi's visual format feels fluid and intuitive rather than formal and linear. My audience sits just a bit closer to the edge of their seat when I'm using Prezi."
It is not about delivering information. It is about inspiring.
Leticia B Cavagnaro, Stanford University
Powerpoint slides
Search results
Spreadsheet data
1. Ideate
5. Share
2. Collaborate
Pan and zoom to view the problem from different angles, making solutions visible.
4. Present
3. Discuss
Let clients pick the area they wish to focus on.
Let up to 10 people simultaneously edit a Prezi
Present on a Touchscreen TV and provide an interactive futuristic experience.
A conference hall or conference room is a room provided for singular events such as business conferences and meetings. It is commonly found at large hotels and convention centers though many other establishments, including even hospitals, have one. Sometimes other rooms are modified for large conferences such as arenas or concert halls. Aircraft have been fitted out with conference rooms. Conference rooms can be windowless for security purposes. An example of one such room is in the Pentagon, known as the Tank, Typically, the facility provides furniture, overhead projectors, stage lighting, and a sound system
Since the advent of the telephone, a distinction has been made between "inside sales" and "outside sales" although it is generally agreed that those terms have no hard-and-fast definition. Inside sales generally involves attempting to close business primarily over the phone via telemarketing, while outside sales (or "field" sales) will usually involve initial phone work to book sales calls at the potential buyer's location to attempt to close the deal in person. Some companies have an inside sales department that works with outside representatives and book their appointments for them. Inside sales sometimes refers to upselling to existing customers. Nowadays inside sales has become more and more popular in the telemarketing business.
The seller or salesperson – the provider of the goods or services – completes a sale in response to an acquisition or to an appropriation[citation needed] or to a request. There follows the passing of title (property or ownership) in the item, and the application and due settlement of a price, the obligation for which arises due to the seller's requirement to pass ownership. Ideally, a seller agrees upon a price at which he willingly parts with ownership of or any claim upon the item. The purchaser, though a party to the sale, does not execute the sale, only the seller does that. To be precise the sale completes prior to the payment and gives rise to the obligation of payment. If the seller completes the first two above stages (consent and passing ownership) of the sale prior to settlement of the price, the sale remains valid and gives rise to an obligation to pay.
The New Way Of Sharing Ideas
The phrase was first coined by Angela R. Garber. Further criticisms of the cognitive effects of PowerPoint have been expounded by others, for example, Edward Tufte (2006) and Kalyuga et al. (1991). Wright (2009) suggests PowerPoint is a convenient prop for poor speakers, it can reduce complicated messages to simple bullet points and it elevates style over substance; and that these three things contribute to its popularity. It can also be called “PowerPoint Poisoning”—a term originated by Scott Adams of Dilbert fame.
PowerPoint hell is the tedium some people report on sitting through PowerPoint visual presentations that are too long and complex, making excessive use of the software’s features and when the presenter just reads from the slides. Retired Marine Colonel Thomas X. Hammes says that this effect, which he calls “hypnotizing chickens”, is useful when the goal is to avoid divulging information, as in military press briefings. å
Death by PowerPoint
PowerPoint hell
A PowerPoint Ranger is a military member who relies heavily on presentation software to the point of excess. Some junior officers spend the majority of their time preparing PowerPoint slides.
PowerPoint Ranger
Of Creating And Sharing Ideas
Use-case: Harmonic Inc.
Jacco van der Kooij, Sales Visionary
“Death by PowerPoint” is a criticism of slide-based presentations referring to a state of boredom and fatigue induced by information overload during presentations such as those created by the Microsoft application PowerPoint.
Because of its usefulness for presenting mission briefings, it has become part of the culture of the military, but is regarded as a poor decision-making tool. As a result some generals, such as Brigadier-General Herbert McMaster, have banned the use of PowerPoint in their operations. In September 2010, Colonel Lawrence Sellin was fired from his post at the ISAF for publishing a piece critical of the over-dependence of military staffs on the presentation method and bloated bureaucracy.
Prezi transforms presentations into conversations,
while enabling people to see, understand, and remember.
$273,600 per conference room
$44,393 per field sales rep
$12,400 per inside sales rep
How to start?
your first story, start with one of our templates
spread the word, and facilitate new users.
for a Pro or Group License
and invite your colleagues to join.
and deliver a WOW experience.
Native to online use, share your Prezi or embed it on a web page.
Captivate your audience. Everytime.
Visually explain why, and what is happening.
Turn a presentation into a conversation.
Chip Conley, hotelier, author, TED speaker
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