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Ellis Island By: Joseph Bruchac

No description

Emma Cline

on 8 August 2014

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Transcript of Ellis Island By: Joseph Bruchac

The poem "Ellis Island" by Joseph Bruchac is about a boy who's grandparents came to America through Ellis Island. He is now visiting Ellis Island nine decades later. He says that only one part of him loves it, because the other thinks of all the native lands that the immigrants once came from.
What is the poem about?
Is it the journey or the destination
that's more important?
I think that it's the destination that's more important. In "Ellis Island" it says "I too come to this island,/nine decades the answerer/Of dreams." It's saying that the island was answering the people's dreams. The journey was hard, but really, once they got to Ellis Island, their new lives began, and that's what's important. The journey is important too, but the destination is where everything comes together.
How does this poem relate to our unit theme,"Journey",
"Living Without"?
This poem relates to our unit theme "Living Without" because it talks about how the speaker is living without the land his ancestors came from. The poem says "Yet only one part of my blood loves that memory./Another voice speaks/of native lands/within this nation." It also talks about a journey; the journey that the immigrants took to get to Ellis Island.
Emma Cline P7
Ellis Island By: Joseph Bruchac
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