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Professional Experience (BUSX 460) Overview

Reviewing this presentation and passing the exam is required before you can enroll in BUSX 460. You will find a link to the exam at the end of the presentation.

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Transcript of Professional Experience (BUSX 460) Overview

Professional Experience
(BUSX 460): An Overview

BUSX 460 Prerequisites
Step 2: Find an internship.
So what is an internship anyway?

"An internship is a form of experiential learning that integrates knowledge and theory learned in the classroom with practical application and skills development in a professional setting. Internships give students the opportunity to gain valuable applied experience and make connections in professional fields they are considering for career paths; and give employers the opportunity to guide and evaluate talent."

From the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE)
Steps to Register for BUSX 460
1. Enroll in the course.
2. Find an internship that meets requirements.
3. Get your internship approved.
4. Prepare for your first class.
What You'll Know by the End of This Presentation
BUSX 460 Prerequisites
How to register for BUSX 460
Internship requirements
Process for internship approval
How to prepare for the course
Step 1: Enroll in the course.
You will enroll in BUSX 460 online, just like any other course. Refer to Towson Online Services for your enrollment date.

You may
for BUSX 460 while
in a prerequisite course.
However, you must successfully pass ALL the prerequisite courses
the first day of your BUSX 460 class.
About BUSX 460
The Professional Experience course (BUSX 460) focuses on a successful transition from classroom to career. All students complete an internship while concurrently enrolled in the course. Through self-assessment, you will develop a portfolio that demonstrates your knowledge, skills and attitudes and commitment to lifelong career development.
Welcome to the Professional Experience (BUSX 460) Overview!

Use the arrows to navigate through the presentation.
All of the information included in this presentation is also available online at
You must meet all of the following prerequisites in order to enroll in the course.
You must have completed at least 90 units (senior standing).
You must be admitted into the Business Administration, e-Business or Accounting major
You must complete
BUSX 301, FIN 331,
MNGT 361, and MKTG 341
Transfer students do not need to have T61 or T41 validated.
You must attend one of the Professional Experience (BUSX 460) information sessions.
Internship Requirements
In order to be approved for BUSX 460, your internship must meet the following requirements.
Internships should align with your major.
Internships must take place in an office (not a home or home office), where a supervisor is present.
You may not telework during your internship.
The company must have
at least
five full-time staff members that are not contractual or telework employees.
You must complete 120 hours at your internship.
You may start the internship a few weeks before class starts, but you
can not
complete the internship before class ends.
You may
use the same internship for both a departmental internship and BUSX 460.
No cold calling
No door - to - door Sales
No more than 10% clerical work
You may
intern for yourself or your own company.
You may
intern for a family member. (You may intern for a family business, but you cannot be supervised by a family member)
Your internship hours in the office cannot conflict with your class time.
Your commute
interfere with you attending class on time.
For out-of-state internships, the maximum travel distance from Towson is one hour.
If you are interning out of state, the department will contact you directly with more information.
6 Tips for Finding an Internship
Keep in mind the following tips during your search to help you find an internship that meets the requirements.
Don’t apply to just one internship and hope it will work out with that company. Start your search early.
It's ultimately your responsibly to find an internship for BUSX 460!
Events hosted by the College of Business and Economics are great opportunities for professional development and networking.
You can seek internships from sources outside the university. Use your personal and professional network to find opportunities.
Distributed every Wednesday, the Career & Internships e-Newsletter provides a listing of available approved internships. Not receiving the e-Newsletter? Contact BUSX460@towson.edu
Still need help finding an internship? You can make an appointment to meet with the professional experience staff.

Schedule an appointment with BUSX staff here:
The TU Career Center provides great resources including the Hire@TU job board, resume critiques, mock interviews and career fairs.
1. Be proactive
2. Attend events
3. Read the e-newsletter.
4. Use the Career Center
5. Tap into your network
6. Schedule a meeting
Step 3: Get your internship approved.
After you've secured an internship, you must submit it for approval from the Business Excellence department.

To submit your internship for approval, fill out an online form and include an internship description.
The BUSX 460 staff is unable to pre-approve internships.

Please use the
internship requirements
as a guide to finding an internship that will be approved by the BUSX 460 program.
Example Internship Description
Internship description must be on
company letterhead
Internship description must include contact information.
Description must include a detailed list of projects and responsibilities
Descriptions should NOT use words like "assist," "observe," or "shadow." Use Verbs that illustrate the type of duties you will perform.
Description must be signed
by a supervisor
Step 3: Get your internship approved.
Upload your job description online through the BUSX 460 website by the given deadline at http://web.towson.edu/cbe/busx/experience/index.html
Step 3: Get your internship approved.
After you submit your internship for approval, you will receive an e-mail within 3-5 business days regarding the status of your internship. If it is dis-approved you will receive further instruction in the e-mail.
Step 4: Prepare for class.
Get the course's required book, "7 Habits of Highly Effective People" by Stephen Covey.
Start your internship at least one week before classes start.
Meet with your supervisor to complete the Internship Agreement Form, which is due the first day of class.
Complete the first homework assignment, which is also due the first day of class.

Step 4: Prepare for class.
At each class session, a guest speaker will share advice on professional development.
You will write a reflective journal on your experiences and discuss with your classmates.
You will build a professional portfolio to use when searching for career opportunities.
Because the class only meets seven times a semester, attendance at every session is required.
You must meet all of the BUSX 460 prerequisites before the start of your first class session.
The steps for enrolling in BUSX 460 are:
1. Enroll in the course.
2. Find an internship that meets the requirements.
3. Get your internship approved online.
4. Prepare for the class.
The BUSX department cannot pre-approve internships.
Attendance at all class sessions is mandatory.
Professional Experience (BUSX 460)
An Overview
What to expect in class sessions
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