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Executive Leadership Program

No description

Joelle Nadeau

on 19 April 2016

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Transcript of Executive Leadership Program

IOG Executive Leadership Program - Cohort 6
Graduation presentation
February 3, 2015

In our management agenda
Leadership in the
federal public service

Critical thinking
Leads others through, and anticipates impact of, transformation
Leadership and collaboration to weather the storms of a challenging and changing environment
A leader's image of the future, that once communicated in a clear and compelling manner, will energize and motivate people to action

Make the tough decisions
Embrace ambiguity
Charting the Trail Ahead
Collaborative policy and program work with external partners
Public Service Networks and Citizen-sourcing
Better leverage IT expertise to build more nimble solutions
What keeps you awake at night that Blueprint 2020 has not yet addressed?

Government 2.0
Accountability and performance
Growing expectations
Collaborative technologies and public engagement
Public sector transformation
Trust in public institutions
In our policy
1. Vision
2. Courage
3. Humility
4. Resilience
Creative problem solving
Quels sont les activités que vos aspirants gestionnaires peuvent faire pour mieux vous aider à mener le peloton?

What is the most important competency that leaders need to thrive in a transformed, modern and relevant public service?
Comment pouvons-nous attirer une main d'oeuvre souple, agile, allumée et technique pour atteindre les buts de Objectif 2020?
To be effective policy advisors and issue managers, public service leaders need to face challenges head-on. In addition to providing fearless advice, leaders must have the courage to push for necessary change and stand behind their decisions.
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