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Clean Room Pressure Controller

Emily T

on 2 May 2010

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Transcript of Pressura

Pressura: Clean room pressure monitors Features and Benefits maintains negative pressure rooms controls pressure differential to correct problems audible and visual alarms warn of potentially unsafe conditions passcodes prevent unauthorized programming Clean rooms are also known as quarantine rooms which isolate patients with infectious diseases
Such as Anthrax and Smallpox Tuberculosis Purpose
"PresSura Room Pressue Monitors are designed to monitor both Airbrone Infection Isolation rooms, and Protective Environment Rooms (PE). All Rooms maintain a slight negative pressure and 'isolate' infected patients from spreading disease to staff or others patients. PE room maintain a slightly positive pressure and 'protect' immunocomprimised patients from unwanted airborne pathogens" (TSI.com). by: Justin Gaisior and Emily Tempesco Negative pressure : more air is sucked out than pushed in
Positive pressure : more air is being pushed in than taken out Both positive and negative pressures are helpful for certain situations Protects against the spread of infectous diseases through hospital staff, by ensuring the correct air pressure of the room. Contribution to Nursing Contribution to HVAC This technology simpilifies the constant monitoring of the room The End
Thanks The Pressura room monitor will help prevent the issues
talked about in the video
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