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2.03 Electromagnetic Spectrum- The Visible

No description

Bekah Baker

on 10 October 2013

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Transcript of 2.03 Electromagnetic Spectrum- The Visible

02.03 Electromagnetic Spectrum – The Visible
1. In your own words, explain how Doppler radar works. Describe the properties of electromagnetic waves and interactions that make Doppler radar possible. (13 points)
The Doppler radar is a device that detects the velocity and direction of a moving object. Doppler radars send out radio waves from an antenna which then are reflected back to the transmitter. Then the frequency of the reflected radio waves depends on if the object is moving towards or away from the antenna. If its moving away from the antenna then the frequency will be lower and if it's moving towards the antenna then the frequency will be higher. You can find the location of the objects by calculating from the time it took for the waves to come back to the transmitter. Doppler radars are used alot to track weather storms and such.

2. In your own words, explain how polarized sunglasses work. Describe the properties of electromagnetic waves and interactions that this technology targets. (13 points)
3. In your own words, explain why we see a rainbow or colorful sunset. Explain the properties and interactions that make this display possible. (13 points)
Earths atmosphere is made up of different components like dust, water vapors, and many different gasses. The components change the path of light in a process called scattering. Light is scattered depending on its wavelength and the size of the particles it intercepts. When its raining the drops from the water vapors act like millions of tiny prisms. The prisms separate the light by the different wavelengths and that is how you see rainbows.
4. Discuss the dual nature of electromagnetic waves and how they travel in a vacuum and through a medium. (13 points)
Electromagnetic waves have both electrical and magnetic fields. The dual nature of electromagnetic waves is, there thought to have the traits of particles and waves. That's how they can travel through a vacuum and a medium. Electromagnetic waves travel at the speed of light.
5. You must include citations for all reliable sources used. Include citations from three or more reliable sources. (8 points)




Polarized sunglasses help block the un-polarized light so its easier to see. Many people who go boating or fishing tend to use them. Light waves go in all directions. When light reflects off of a reflective surface the light will then move parallel to the reflected surface. Polarized sunglasses have polarized filters in a vertical direction since most of the reflective surfaces that causes glare are horizontal. So only vertical moving light waves can get through.
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