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Ergogenic Aids

No description

Ben Desbrow

on 15 November 2016

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Transcript of Ergogenic Aids

What Works

Ergogenic Aids
What Might Work
What Doesn't Work
Not all studies show consistent results, likely to be individual variations in the response

Bicarbonate enhances performance, but the effect is greater in untrained individuals
Ben Desbrow (acknowledgement to Dr Michael Leveritt)
Information source
Type of study
Performance tests
Consistency of findings
Increased muscle phosphocreatine can enhance high intensity exercise performance
1-2% increase in high intensity power output in most studies
Performance gains not found in many studies involving running
Increased weight gain from creatine supplementation
Increased strength and lean body mass from creatine supplementation
4 x 5g per day for 5 days loading then 2-3g per day maintenance
Consume with 50g carbohydrate
Monitor weight gain
7. Provide an evidence based rationale for the use of specific supplements and ergogenic aids to enhance performance.
What's Banned

Situations for Use in Sport
—— A prolonged period of travel, particularly to countries with an inadequate or otherwise limited food supply.
—— A prolonged period of energy restriction or weight loss, or weight maintenance.
—— Restricted dietary intake in fussy eaters or athletes with significant food intolerances who are unable/
unwilling to increase food range.
—— Heavy competition schedule, involving disruption to normal eating patterns and reliance on a narrow range of
foods and sports foods.
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