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Website Copy of Student GREEN Congress

No description

Sheila Wilson

on 1 March 2016

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Transcript of Website Copy of Student GREEN Congress

24th Annual
Student GREEN Congress

Selection Criteria
How do teachers select their delegates?
Who gets to go?

Academic Benefits
400 Students & 100 Adults + teachers and parent chaperones
YCS Field Trip Policy...?

1 or more Certified Teacher per session
Nisqually MS

1. Good Grades (No D’s and F’s).

2. Good Behavior (0-2 writeups for the year).

3. For my two teams that will present at Green Congress, I try to have one person per team that has done Dissolved Oxygen (this is a key component to the presentation).

4. I make sure that I have an equal mix of boys & girls on the teams of four.

5. I try to have at least one “person of color (ethnic background)” on each team.

Roosevelt Elementary
Strategic Volunteer Placement...
TESC Faculty & Staff Support:
Carri Leroy - Professor
Her students
Rich Davis - Facility Engineer
Matt Lebens - Environmental Health and Safety
"If you see something, say something."
20 minutes class time to write letter...
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