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Should computer games be used for classroom Instruction?

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Joseph Bourhim

on 12 April 2014

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Transcript of Should computer games be used for classroom Instruction?

After all of this research, I feel that Teachers should use games as classroom instruction. I feel that it can really help students and be better engaged to learn. Kids really can use games to become more smarter and become more engaged in the educational games. I think that the teachers can really benefit from this idea and help students across the globe as technology is becoming more advanced. Hope you enjoyed!
My Opinion
I feel that if my school or my teacher decided to use games to learn I would totally agree. It would make me and other students more engaged and also learning at the same time. Kids love games and if you put an educational game for classroom instruction, kids would love this idea and become more interested in learning.
Even though there are a lot of pros for using computer games, there are some cons also. One con is that playing games for awhile can lead to off task behavior and cause students to get off track and not do diligent work.
For my topic, I chose to select the question,
"Should computer games be used for classroom instruction?"
I have researched a lot about this topic and learned a lot of new things. People say that you should because, it gets kids more engaged and others say that it can be a distraction and not good brain learning for other kids. Now lets go ahead and talk about this topic!
Here are some statistics on what the teachers are doing in the classroom.
Should Computer games be used for classroom Instruction
18% of teachers use video games on a daily basis
60% of teachers say using digital games helps personalized instruction
70% of teachers say that using games increases student engagement
A 2009 study showed that students who played games were less likely to develop attention problems
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