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No description

prince oyekan

on 27 May 2015

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Transcript of MESSI

Cinquain Poem
Messi is the best player in the world
he runs and dashes through defenders
as he stopped and twirled
everyone loves when he runs in the middle of the offenders
and they just have to stop and say his dribbles are very tender
Limerick Poem
Lionel messi one of the best of all time
when he shoots his curve is as sour as lime
he swerves from left to right
and boy those defenders sure do know how to put up a fight
his first touch is very light
LIONEL MESSI Multi Genre project
Prince oyekan

Fairy tale
once upon a time there was a hero name Messi.
There were two villains named boetang and nuer , they both tried their best to prevail Messi from scoring . Although he broke records from left to right . One day it was Bayern vs Barca the two villains were looking foward to destroy Messi . He dribbled towards boetang with speed as fast as lightning . Boetang became frightened as Messi dribbled a black hole around him . As he fell into the dark abyss , cursing Messi as he said " ill be back , this isn't the last of Jerome boetang " .
Dear Reader
This wonderful biography about Lionel Messi is placed in chronological order . As they tell the events in his life as he gets older . At the age of five Messi begins to play the beautiful game we know today as soccer . Raised in Rosario Argentina he played in a youth club called Grandoli . Leo loved sweets especially cookies . When Lionel Messi was about 7 years old his coach jorge always told Leo , " if you score you get one cookie " and he did . One thing is Messi was a very short child so his coach challenged him and said " if you score a header you get two cookies " and he did . At the age of 11 , Messi was diagnosed with a growth hormone deficiency . Local team River Plate were intrested in Messi`s progress , but did not want to pay only $900 a month for his treatment . But the supporting director of FC Barcelona Carles Rexach was interested in Messi`s talent . Messi and his father were able to arrange a trail with the team . Rexach had no paper so he used napkin as a contract . Barcelona agreed to pay for his medical bills only if he moves to Spain . Messi and his father moved to Barcelona , were Messi enrolled at the club`s youth academy . By the age of 19 he played his first game for Barcelona , then five years later he Became Barcelona`s all time leading top scorer . In 2014 he scored his 400th senior career goal for club and country at the age of 27 . He won his first Ballon d`Or at 21 , and went on to win it in four consecutive years . Messi is the only player to top score in four consecutive champions league seasons , and also holds the record for the most hatricks ( hatrick three goals scored in a game by an individual ) . Beautiful book about this legend .

Set of notes
* Chapter 1 - mainly based on Messi ad his mothers favorite dish and also the age Messi was introduced to soccer
* Chapter 2 - mainly based on how messi was diagnosed with something while at the hospital
* Chapter 3 - Based on how Messi stood out from everyone because he was the shortest
* Chapter 4 - Talks about how messi never changed and he`s still the same
* Chapter 5 - Tells you the rivalry between two clubs
Lionel Messi
Song lyrics
oleee ole ole ole Messi Messi
The best of all time the greatest Messi Messi . I stop and search all day for a player better then Messi . There`s no way ole ole Messi . He can dribble through thick clay Messi Messi . If your a goalkeeper you better pray cause Messi Messi oleee ole ole ole .
Wanted for braking ankles
Messi Daily

Messi and his new born
Will Messi take the Ballon D`or this year
Messi is charged for asslut
The monster himself

Side effects
uncontrollable dribbling
increase in speed
unbelievable curving
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