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18m Fast cruising catamaran

No description

matthieu vincent

on 14 February 2014

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Transcript of 18m Fast cruising catamaran

Rig and appendage design
Carbon wing rotated mast
Germanischer lloyd rigging criteria
Building & powering consideration
2 x Yanmar sail drive75 HP
9 kts cruising speed 12 kts max speed
8L/hour fuel consumption
Researches & parametric
Hull design
Hull resistance analysis using slender theory and NPL catamaran methods
Further analysis on specific parameters
Discussion about the reliability of the results
GA & deck layout
Simple, comfortable and practical arrangement
Double steering station with sheets close to hand allowing easy quick trimming and maneuvers
Uncluttered and attractive design
Design of a 18m fast cruising catamaran
by Matthieu VINCENT
18m custom cat for mediterranean cruising
Category A
Light and powerful
Elegant, minimalist and ergonomic design
4 double beds + 2 bathrooms
+ large sun bath areas
Easy to handle by 2 persons

Global and focused parametric analysis
Use of specific ratios
Researches, reading and discussion with professionals
Aesthetic approach using sketches
YEP 117

Design brief
Sail plan & stability criteria
High aspect ratio sail plan
Furling jib, code O & spinnaker
Compliance with ISO 12217-2 part 7
1st reef taken at 16knots - Check using VPP software
Dagger board design methods
Curve dagger board consideration
Initial weight estimation
Foam-sandwich on a male battened mould for the hulls, deck and coach roof
Nidacore/glass sandwich for bulkheads & floors
carbon cross beams
Starting point using parametric
Study cases: moorings 45 and Lombard 80ft custom
Basic structural weight estimation using hullscant and rhino
Structural design and compliance with the rules
Systems and engine arrangement
Sea keeping analysis
Detailed weight estimation
What is next?

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