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intro review

review for exam

Michael Sawecki

on 30 December 2010

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Transcript of intro review

review speaking of violet...I mix
_____ and _______ to make it those are some nice ______ of violet tints red and blue this artwork uses mostly
_______ lines diagonal this student used how many values in her print? 2 an interesting interpretation of _____________ american gothic where is the light source
in this drawing? yep this animal is sometimes thrown on the ice at Red Wing games these colors make a ______ color scheme analogous this painting uses a _________
color scheme complementary These colors make a ___________
color scheme split-complementary What did the artist use to make
the letters 3-D? perspective I can't see throught that paint!
It must be __________ opaque those are also the _______ colors primary this is a good contour drawing
because.......... ...that top is just gonna..... what room are we in? 224 4
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