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Armenian Genocide

No description

Aishwarya Manoharan

on 2 April 2013

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Transcript of Armenian Genocide

Atavistic Genocide When (prepratator) person who commits crime turns against group.
Killing innocent and defenseless groups is expression of buried fear, mostly of destruction and defeat.
Contradicting beliefs, thoughts trigger genocide.
Example: Nazi Holocaust when Hitler feared Jews were going to take over when that was Hitler's plans. Instrumental Genocide Slaugher of group over issues of reasources.
Involves killers and victims from other races.

Example: French killed Algerians for Sahara Desert's oil fields Assimilative Genocide Main Cause: Fear Plan to have 1 nationality in Empire was to demolish Armenian minority and just have Turkish empire; served as foundation for genocide. Nationalism and the Young Turks Xenophobic nationalists.
Goal to create homogeneous empire.
Believed that multi-ethnicity weakened Ottoman Empire.
Growing power; disintegrate monarchy of sultan and take over empire. Young Turks Most powerful empire in 1500-1600.
Controlled Turkey, North Africa, Southwest Africa and Southeast Europe.
More than 20 yrs hostility to Armenians.
(1894-1896) Empire weakens after loss of territory; Balkan wars contributed.
1800's, revolts from subject people for self rule. Ottoman Empire Ruled by Ottoman Empire since 1514.
Under Ottoman rule suffered ethnic/religious discrimination
Especially after Russo-Turkish war
During World War 1 battleground for Russian vs. Ottomans Armenians Groups Involved in Genocide Armenian Genocide of 1915-1916 By: Aishwarya Manoharan, Aria Walls, Kiera Blum and Lia Koklic So why do people turn to genocide? Main Cause: Anger and fear Relations Between Ottoman Turkey and Armenia A history of turbulent events BEFORE the genocide Main Cause: Reasources Committee of Union and Progress Exterminate a group by another that originates from it.
Groups that share ancestry but different in some way.
Try to keep enemies away from harming religion or nation.
Nationalism triggers genocide
Example: Armenian Genocide itself, Young Turks and Armenians part of Ottoman Empire. CUP How Have Armenia and Turkey Balanced Self Interests and International Realities? Jamal, Enver, Talaat Pasha Ottoman threatened by Russia during World War I
Ottoman authorities feared Armenian support of Russia
Young Turks deported Armenians to modern-day Syrian desert
On the way died of desert exposure
Men murdered, worked to death/forced labor
Women/children/elders,drowned,burned alive deported to relocation camps, some convert to Turkism
Churches, Relics, cultural monuments destroyed
estimated 1.5 million deaths In the end... Young Turks fled country.
Leaders of group sentenced to death.
Govt. of Turkey and nations agreed genocide "misdeed" but no actions to return peace.
Acted if never existed. Denied it happened.
Armenians lived life of acculturation, dispersion and exile .
WWII started and genocide became " forgotten genocide". Government of Empire Sultan: Muslim Ruler.
Absolute monarch.
Mostly Autocratic: not considering opinions Abdul Hamid II impacted by using harsh methods to keep Armenians "controlled"
Unrest among Armenians when reforms not granted as promised
Lead to Hamidian Massacres: Armenians were killed Young Turks angered with autocratic system and try subvert sultan with parliamentary govt. (Young Turk Revolution of 1908). What Happened Armenian's on bottom of Ottoman social structure; had fewer rights
1800's growth in nationalism within ethnic groups of Ottoman Empire
Suffered discrimination, heavy taxation, and armed attacks
1894-1896 and 1909-1912 Ottomans/Kurds plan to wipe Armenians (thousands killed) Ethnic Group within Ottoman Empire
turkey can't be let into European Union unless the countries vote unanimously
countries are hesitant to let turkey in to the union because of the Armenian Genocide (handling of freedom of expression, human rights, and minorities Turkey Today and the European Union The
End! http://www.olstars.com/images/flags/Big/am.gif http://www.nzhistory.net.nz/files/images/ottoman-empire.jpg 1908 A Powerful Branch within Ottoman Empire
vision for new empire- unite all Turkic peoples, excluding minorities
1909 Armenians killed in pogroms for expression of reform
Armenians disarmed in 1915
local Muslim population turned against Armenians
Armenians=threat to pan-Turkism Armenia: Self interests:
19th century period of cultural & political awakening
obtain same rights as Muslims Reality:
impossible to be independent from Ottoman Empire-must work to compromise Turkey: Self interests:
Keep Armenians under control, not modernized & in subservient political position
Muslims dominate businesses & industrialization
bring victory to Empire after losses Reality:
Armenia rising to new levels of modernization, dominating educated work force & social mobilization
Consequences of committing Genocide http://www.mapsnworld.com/europe/europe-flag.jpg Turkey still dealing with the consequences from their position in the genocide
Turkey can't be let into European Union unless the countries vote unanimously
countries are hesitant to let Turkey into the Union because of the Armenian Genocide (handling of freedom of expression, human rights, and minorities) Turkey Today and the European Union http://artvoice.com/issues/v6n44/news/armenian_genocide_denial_an_american_problem Causes Of Conflict relating to Genocide Political & Economic
Industrialization (a bit)
Alliances The Most Important Cause Of Conflict Our Generalization applying to all past/future conflicts Political & Economic= most important
it leads to all other causes of conflict http://skepticism-images.s3-website-us-east-1.amazonaws.com/images/jreviews/Armenian-Genocide.jpg
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