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ePDM 2014 - AMPO(India) User Training

No description

Irati Arrillaga

on 2 July 2014

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Transcript of ePDM 2014 - AMPO(India) User Training

A common place to store your files
It's a
Project Document Management System

¿What is ePDM?
It's a Vault to secure your Data
A place to get work done
A common place to store your files
A vault to secure your data
A place to get work done
Enterprise PDM Folder
Enterprise PDM Menus
Interact with your files
Take Ownership of a file
Every time a file is checked in, an new version is added
Creates relationships between files
Changes the workflow status of a file
Displays the version history of a file
Changes how the preview is displayed
Remove Temporary files
How to find files in ePDM
Advanced File Duplication
Update File Relationships
ePDM Commands
The ePDM menus give users the ability to manipulate files.
Check in / Check out
Change State
Create manual references
Window commands
Copy / Paste
Enterprise PDM Tabs
Interact with your Data
Preview Tab
Data Card Tab
Version Tab
Contains Tab
Where Used Tab
Enterprise PDM Search
Find files with your data
Logging into the system
Your Presence in the Vault
Every user has specific rights and permissions in the vault, including:
Adding files to the vault
Taking ownership of files
Navigating folders
Changing the status of files
Access to the file history
Working with Files in the Vault
Opening a file from an external program
Cheking out a file
Cheking in a file
ePDM Workflow is used to:
Changing State in ePDM
1. Control security during the realase process
2. Route documents for approval
3. Check rules to enforce standars
Enterprise PDM
No version in your cache
Version 2/4 in your cache
Latest version in your cache
User Specific Software
Drag and drop files and folders from your current folders into the vault
Perform "Save as" from your application
Getting Versions from EPDM
Creating references between files
States can control permissions

Transitions are used to change states
Execute Change State by Right-Clicking on Files
Transitions are used to trigger events
EPDM Workflow States and Transitions
What's the big idea?
The possibility of creating
, will facilitate the search
Uses eDrawings to View SolidWorks, AutoCAD, and Pro/E
Zoom, Scroll, Rotate, Set to Standard View, Shade, Measure, Select, View & Markup

Uses Oracle “Outside – In” Viewer for Office Docs
Copy text from Preview Screen
Right Click in VIEW window to Print, Resize, Rotate.

Enterprise can view other file types provided file viewing software is licensed and installed. See your system Admin.
Adding files to the vault
Drawings without any revision
Drawings with more than one revision
Drawings without any revision
Fill the Card
Change the Format
of the Stamp
+ Save
Drawings with more than one revision
The Stamp is filled is not necessary to open the drawing
Possibility of changing the characteristics of the file
Copy tree
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