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Media Presentation - charity:water

No description

Stephanie Kwon

on 18 November 2014

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Transcript of Media Presentation - charity:water

Media Presentation
By: Chryslyn, Maggie, and Steph
What is
Founded in 2006 by Scott Harrison
drinking water to people in developing nations
Focus on providing rural communities with their
first access
to clean water
Fund new wells but also
take care
of the ones that they have built

800 million

people still live without clean water in developing countries and around the world

Clean water means




- especially for women and kids

WHO: over

of the global disease burden can be prevented simply by improving

water supply

, and

Progress Thus Far
water projects funded
people will get clean water
local partners
countries around the globe
100% Model
100% of 'public' donations go to direct project costs
About the Charity
What is the Issue?
Case Scenario
Fictional charity Under One Roof (UOR)
You are a Board Member of UOR
Provides low-cost housing and building supplies to communities in South America
Locally purchased cement, wood, brick, etc.
Positive feedback from Canadian donors about UOR's impact

How does this Relate to FUND5000?
The Overhead Myth
Do the principles learned in class question charity: water's presentation of information? And more importantly, their use of philanthropic funds?

By using the 100% model, is charity: water demonstrating the basic Universal Ethical Principles? Specifically honesty, transparency, as well as respect.

Is the 100 % model just a marketing tool?

If so, is it marketing genius or false marketing?
From the 2013 Annual Report
UOR Board Meeting

1. ...
2. ...
3. ...
4. Administration & Fundraising Optics
November 18, 2014

Case Scenario
Board Members wondering if org. should reduce staff positions to appear more ‘efficient’.
At the last Board meeting, one BM brought up an org. called “charity:water”, who boldly states that they spend 100% of their ‘public donations’ on programming, while funding administration and fundraising costs through ‘major private donors’.
Case Scenario
Growing sentiment from donors who believe that UOR is spending too much money on administration and fundraising costs
Percentages have not increased in the last five years
Murmur among the donors that spending only 82% of donations on programming is just not enough
Under One Roof
(see handout)
$3,000,000 total
$2,460,000 programs (82%)
$300,000 admin (10%) (5 FT, 1PT)
$240,000 fundraising (8%)
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