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Hello Sunshine

No description

Bre MacPherson

on 28 August 2013

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Transcript of Hello Sunshine

An Introduction
Audience & Accessibility
Shift perception of sun exposure.

Subsequently naturally changing current, & potentially dangerous, behaviors.

We want to do this by educating not only the dangers of overexposure but also to quell the rising perception that all sun exposure is harmful.
Mission Statement
To provide a free, fun way for youth to get motivated, be involved, & learn about the importance of sun exposure & it’s related health benefits, as well as it’s concerns.
Across Canada

Available in both English & French

Equal emphasis on both genders from preteen to young adult

Shift key functionality, described audio & large print versions available
Preteen Boy
Lane is an 11-year-old preteen skateboarder who spends most of his spare time outside in the sun practicing.

His best friend had a melanoma scare & Hello Sunshine was recommended by his physician. Since they do everything together, he downloaded the free app & started learning about sun exposure & health.

Both Lane & his friend decided it was cool to skate 'Sun Safe' & soon everyone in their circle of friends were following their lead.
Female Athlete
Drew is a 20-year-old aspiring professional female surfer who has only ever used sunscreen to keep from burning.

After being bombarded with advertising about skin cancer & the harmful effects of overexposure, Drew decided to do some research on her own.

Hello Sunshine was high on her Google search & seemed to be the only site that put equal emphasis on the health benefits of being out in the sun.

After reading about UVA & UVB rays & the proper way to stay safe in the sun, Drew downloaded the App & relied heavily on the GPS check in to help ensure she had the right SPF sunblock & was reapplying when needed.
Ideal Users
Teenage Girl
Sara is a 14-year-old high school student who just received an iPhone for her birthday.

Hello Sunshine was a recommended app in iTunes & appealed to Sara for it's bright colors & fun description.

Since the benefit for her is primarily ego & social based, Sara uses the app to earn points, get free sun care products & participate in the social events & contests.
Reputed credibility with referrals from family doctors, optometrists & given the social interactivity of the site & app, friend & family suggestions
Persuasive Strategy
Hello Sunshine wants to change our users perception & attitude toward sun health that will naturally motivate a change in behavior with positive information & beneficial interaction.
Surface credibility with a really well designed site & app. Professional layout including easy, intuitive navigation & interactivity, well designed logo & branding, as well as short, concise copy & tailored information.
Hello Sunshine is a macrosuasion website & app created to persuade youth to understand the benefits of sunshine & an active outdoor lifestyle by making it fun, cool & trendy to be ‘Sun Smart.’
Presumed credibility with branded partnerships such as Health Canada, Billabong, Jason, Oakley & O'Neil
There will be easy to read info graphics with truthful information regarding sun exposure & health.
Skin health & possible over exposure issues
Eye health & possible over exposure issues
Statistics on skin cancer & prevention
'Sun Safe' benefits
Virtual Sunscreen Bottle
Jason SPF Guide
Simulated Experience
GPS Tracking
Facebook Status Tracking
Twitter Feed
high peer & celebrity influence
instant gratification
high energy
Defining Our Audience
respond better to fun than fear
more intelligent than most presume
tend to be materialistic
being healthy is the new black
& what motivates them
Contests, Events & Swag
Photos & Filters
Heroes & Relatability
Hello Sunshine
Created By:
Earn free swag from our sponsors
Sun Shelter Contests
Hello Sunshine Outdoor Free Events
Quiz contests on being 'Sun Smart'
Educate through peer experience.
Stories that speak directly to our audience by being completely relatable, same age/interests/language.
Melanoma hero, now volunteer.
The premature aging & sun spots filters are a fun way to to show the benefits of being 'Sun Smart' while showing the negative alternative of a not so pretty picture.
By giving the user the ability to personally involve themselves & update their profile or Instagram with photos capturing 'Sun Smart' behavior, you make them personally accountable while fulfilling that egocentric need.
Emotional Triggers
Facilitator Trigger
ego & social interaction satisfaction
Adding photos
Choosing skin types
Linking personal social media
App alerts specific to user preferences
Collecting points
Getting involved, getting invested = effort & emotion which equates to a shift in perception & eventually, a shift in action.
investment = change
being as socially rewarding as possible will be the driving force & therefore, success of any preteen - young adult site.
local social events
sharing 'Your Own Hero Story'
comments & testimonials
making friends
quantifiable benefits
Sun Exposure & Skin Health
Less than half of all teenagers use sunscreen.
Canadian Stats & Info: caringforkids.cps.ca
1 in 3 teenagers say a tan looks healthy
tanning devices increase risk of skin cancers up to 2.5x
Bad sunburns, too much time spent in the sun without proper skin protection, & indoor tanning increase the risk of skin cancer
One blistering sunburn in childhood more than doubles a person's chances of
developing the deadliest form of skin cancer later in life.
Health Canada
government site, trustworthy, reliable
lots of information
visually boring to teenagers
site targets adults and parents
no interactive or fun features, serious
Competitive Analysis
Banana Boat
useful information
lots of photos, colourful, reflects product and mood
supports "skin cancer foundation"
advertising on site, bias towards on products
no interactive app
no interview and tips from real people
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