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Animal Farm

No description

Daniel Thatcher

on 19 June 2013

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Transcript of Animal Farm

The Moscow Show Trials were a series of three show trials held in the Soviet Union(Russia) at the instigation of Joseph Stalin.
The first phase of the Moscow Show Trials began in August of the year 1936.
On January 25, 1937 the deadly execution generally known as The Moscow Show Trials entered its second stage
Most of the trials were based on the execution of former Bolshevik Party members, other political members, and whoever stood in Stalin's way.
The Moscow Show Trials can relate to the executions that was held by Napoleon.
Obstacle 1
Obstacle 2
Obstacle 3
Theme "Power Corrupts"
The Defendants of the Trials
The Moscow Show Trials is basically the executions in which Napoleon ordered the dogs to kill the pigs and hens. The trials set fire to the corruption of the farm
causing everything to fall apart. Same happens with the Soviet Union upon the death of Stalin. Basically means that when leaders become dictators and rule ruthlessly,
power corrupts
and they will eventually fall apart.
"Shoot the mad dogs!" - Stalin
The Moscow Show Trials
The first victims were of the trials were Politburo members Leon Trotsky, Grigorii Zinov'ev, and Lev Kamenev.
They were all defeated and expelled from the party in late 1927.
The way Stalin ruled over his people is very similar to the way Napoleon ruled Animal Farm.
Both of the dictators ruled ruthlessly and treacherously.

•The KGB started in 1917.
•It was created when Felix Dzerzhinsky created the Cheka.
•The KGB is Russia's secret police.
•It is one of the worlds most effective intelligence service.
•The "legals" worked in the Soviet Embassies.

By Ryosuke Kojima
and Daniel Thatcher

Animal Farm
Stalin even put his former close friends on trial because he was paranoid and scared that they would take over Soviet Union.

The defendants of the deadly trials were put on trial for treason and most of them confessed because they were physically tortured.

The trials were carefully staged and scripted, covered in the national and international press usually controlled under Stalin's wishes.
The press which Stalin controlled is basically Snowball or the media.
Just like how Napoleon brainwashed the animals, Stalin controlled the media to not let his secrets come out.
The second phase of the Moscow Show Trials included 17 Soviet and Party officials, but four of the officials would end up being executed.

The Show Trials began when the Chekists had been forced to confess about their "crimes".

The Bolsheviks believed in nothing except for the Party. If they were accused by the Party of crimes, then they must have done something wrong.

The defendants of the Moscow Show Trials can be related to the pigs, hens, and mice who were executed.
The Bolsheviks and The Chekists
KGB Of Russia
Theme "Power Corrupts"
The theme in Animal Farm is power corrupts those who poses it. Napoleon was a good leader in the beginning but at the end he became just like humans with the more power he gained. He brainwashed and ordered the dogs to kill many animals which made Napoleon cocky and hungry for even more power.This selfish thought about gaining power brought the corruption of power for both Stalin and Napoleon.
Soviet Union
At first the KGB assassinated people from the USSR
New recruitment made better advance
ments in science and technology.
The KGB protected the October Revolution and the nascent Bolshevik state from mostly the White Army.
They didn't allow counter-revolution.
The KGB killed civil military and government people in the Great Purge. (1936-1938)
The Murder Of Sergei Kirov
The murder of Sergei Kirov on December 1, 1934 set fire to Moscow Trials.
Kirov was the leader of the Leningrad party apparatus.
Recent evidence has indicated that Stalin and the NKVD planned the crime.
Sergei Kirov can be related to one of the pigs who worked for Napoleon but ends up being executed.
The pig like Kirov both are close leaders and assistants of both Napoleon and Stalin.
Phases of the Moscow Show Trials
Thank You!!!!!!
"Why does Moscow so fear the voice of a single man?" - Trotsky
“We stand for organized terror - this should be frankly admitted"
-Felix Dzerzhinsky
Stalin's Dictatorship
The Organized Terror
Ryosuke Kojima


Daniel Thatcher

The KGB in animal farm are the dogs. Their duty is to protect the pigs and prevent the other animals from rebelling. In real life the KGB's job is to protect the Soviet leaders and protect them from the Bolsheviks from rebellion.
Parallel Ideas
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