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SDT 3101 Design fiction

Hands free Walking aid giving everyone the joy to move about

Patrick Link

on 21 February 2013

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Transcript of SDT 3101 Design fiction

SDT3101 Product Modelling Design Fiction
Jullian Bleeker, Near Future Laboratory, blogged a definition of design fiction. "Design Fiction is making things that tell stories. It’s like science-fiction in that the stories bring into focus certain matters-of-concern, such as how life is lived, questioning how technology is used and its implications, speculating bout the course of events; all of the unique abilities of science-fiction to incite imagination-filling conversations about alternative futures." Brief:
Design and make a product that uses technology that dosen't exist Design fiction the idea of designing something that does not exist yet got me really excited, the idea in which way a design could and would improve people’s lives. I thought about the words of my youngest son Charlie, he has cerebral palsy and is not able to walk unaided “I wish I could just lift my hands and walk away”. These words always play on my mind when people take it for granted the ability to walk, it fills me with tears. But growing up with Star Trek and seeing how ideas from this influenced modern designs and changed the world we live in, I believe that my design idea will come true in the future.
The concept will be that when you raise your hands to stand up and you will move with simply the motion of your arms swinging forward and backwards. There will be no need to have strength in your legs or the ability to have balance you just need to be able to move your arms. Two devices on your legs will generate a force field in devices that are worn on your hips. This will produce the force field in your lower torso, holding your body weight and giving you perfect balance. Two receivers on your left and right ankle and wrists will transmit the signal to move you forward.
This Technology would not just aid people but improve their lives by removing walkers, splint with sticks or even wheelchairs, you will walk and move around with so little effort or strength required. People would not look down at you they would look up at you with amazement that cannot be described.
Hands free Walking aid giving everyone the joy to move about Standing up and walking is something that we take for granted. We never think would we do if we couldn’t do this.
Wouldn’t it be great to give people without the ability to do this the power to stand up and move forward without a wheel chair, walker or any other aid. using ProEngineer to create the model CAd allows you to see the finished product You can go back into the model tree and pick up at any point in your design to make changes. 3D printing the model
wonderful technology to get a product that is 100% accreted and working removing the support the material all parts sanded to remove ridges from the construction masking off areas not to be painted spray jigs to support work while painting and drying high build primer 2 coats to ensure all surfaces are covered Acrylic one part filler M3 Sanding the models has taken it’s time. Each parts has more than one surface that needs attention. time spent here pays off in the long run. filler need more sanding high build primer to finish off ready for final coat finish colour midnight black to contrast the main control unit. these are the mounting points for the belts to attach the units with ease. main units in moondust silver first coats of Lacquer to portect the metallic paint first assembly of the hands free walking units Making the belts to wear with the units I had to sew Velcro to the webbing belts. Belts are waist and each thigh. Wrists and ankles for receiver units First try to make a packaging that will house the units secure and safe. mould broke :( using the trend router to make a foam packaging nice piece of kit Wrapped in fleece to add a warm feeling to product that aids walking Using the vacuum bag I was able to get the fleece tightly fitted to the packaging WOW Hands free walking in action oak display case - oak celtic meaning of the oak tree Life
Honor vacuum forming mould Rapid prototyping allow for solid free form modelling that can be easy modified. You get a working model in no time . http://www.designbuzz.com/entry/rex-bionic-legs-vow-to-make-wheelchairs-redundant/ http://berkeleybionics.com/about-background/ http://articles.latimes.com/2011/oct/06/health/la-he-brain-machine-20111006 http://www.rethinkthings.co.uk/flo.html http://patlink.tumblr.com/ Modelling ideas to judge a size and shape for the leg units sketched a few idea to see what size the units need to be
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