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Copy of Citing Textual Evidence

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v hobbs

on 11 November 2014

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Transcript of Copy of Citing Textual Evidence

Creating Thorough Responses to Literature
Citing Textual Evidence
Remember: ACE
Answer, Cite, Explain

Answer the question by restating the question.
Cite text evidence that strongly supports your answer.
Explain how the text evidence supports your answer.
The entire paragraph would look like this:
* Notice how I used more than one text evidence (1 quote, 1 paraphrase)

* Notice how I used ACE:

* Notice how the text evidence I used proves my answer--it is not random!
Your text evidence MUST prove your answer. So, whatever your answer is regarding the theme of Thank You M' am by Langston Hughes, you must choose evidence from the text that PROVES why or how you came to that conclusion.
2. Cite text evidence


1. Quote it first.

2. Paraphrase the example in your own words.

In Thank You, M'am, Langston Hughes writes, "When they were finish eating she got up and said, "Now here take this ten dollars and buy your shoes. Do not make the mistake of latching on to my pocketbook or anyone else's."
How to cite evidence
Introducing a quote:
The author writes, "..."
According to the novel, "..."
An example from the text says, "..."
In Thank You M'am, Langston Hughes writes, "..."
Restate the question in your answer to create a complete sentence.
Question: What is the theme of Thank You M'am, by Langston Hughes?
Answer: The theme of Thank You M'am by Langston Hughes is kindness can have a transforming result on a person."
1. Answer
3. Explain how the text evidence supports your answer
Citing Textual Evidence
Creating Thorough Responses to Literature
This quote shows how Ms. Jones did not have to show an undeserving individual like Roger any kindness. However, she overlooks his faults and offers him forgiveness, food,
and shelter.
Now lets listen to the words to a song, Am I Wrong by Nico and Vinz.
Determine a theme or central
idea of a text and how it is conveyed
through details; provide a summary
of the text distinct from personal opinions
or judgements.

In other words, when you write about your reading, you must prove your thinking. You do this by citing evidence and paraphrasing.

Theme is the message the author is trying to share with the reader. Start by asking what did the main character learn?
What is the theme? Make sure you cite evidence from the lyrics and defend your response. Be prepared to share.
Learning Goal: Use details from the text to determine the central message of text and provide textual evidence.

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