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Aaron's Gift

No description

Anita Lee

on 3 September 2013

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Transcript of Aaron's Gift

Aaron's Gift
Sarah & Anita
Main characters
By Myron Levoy
Early 1900s
New York city
One day when Aaron skating, he found one hurt pigeon. So he takes that hurt pigeon, and take care of it and named it pidge. But the gang's leader, Carl said that give him Pidge for the gang's mascot then he will give the gang's badge. So Aaroh give Carl a Pidge as soon as Carl takes Pidge, he try to put Pidge to fire and Aaroh block not to put Pidge to the fire. And moment that Aaroh miss the Pidge, it fly high and high.
Impression about this story
we think if I was Aaron, I would be very sad about that I lost Pidge. And we need to love animals and be careful to not play with bade guys. When i saw the last page, I thought that the ending was confusing and not clear so that was a little poor about this story
About the author
Myron Levoy
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