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The Gold Rush by Mohammed and Zimraan

By Tara and Regina

guildford public

on 20 June 2014

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Transcript of The Gold Rush by Mohammed and Zimraan

The Gold Rush
Location 1
Location 2
Location 3
Final Destination
Gold is a type of metal. It is a hard and very valuble material to the gold miners. Its worth alot of money but is hard to find .

Gold miners didn't really have alot of
money in their days so they ate bread, meat, drank tea and water.

the tools they used were pickaxes,shovels,buckets,pans,cradles,
puddling tub and a sluice.
Every time a gold miner found gold while mining for gold and they yell out Eureka!
the word Eureka means i've found it and then everyone would rush up to them.
sir Edward Hargraves
It was John Lister and Tom Lister who were the first to find gold hargraves said it was actully him but it was the lister brothers.
Hargraves showed them how to mine for gold and how to use the eqipment
this was precious info he had got from another couuntry which was California.
Hardgraves made the first official discovery of gold.
In the times of the gold rush miners used to sleep in tents and very rusty timber houses. They made their houses by using canvas,wood and bark.
contents page
gold facts
miners tools
sir Edward Hargraves
Eureka uprising
interesting facts
We use the movie Peaches gold for our info.
we also used our background knowledge.
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