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Paragraphs, Transitions, Integrating Quotes, Numbers, and Titles

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Katy Jensen

on 18 September 2012

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Transcript of Paragraphs, Transitions, Integrating Quotes, Numbers, and Titles

PARAGRAPHS the development of one main idea What is a paragraph? functions like a small essay topic sentence supported by several logically connected sentences Caution!
A series of short paragraphs can indicate poor development of ideas How long should a paragraph be? as long or short as it needs to be How many paragraphs in an essay? Don't limit yourself!
Let your topic and supporting ideas be your guide it may take more than one paragraph to develop a particular supporting point What is a
unified paragraph? a good topic sentence and a fearless revision technique is the key to paragraph unity one in which all of the sentences work to support or develop one main point Remember,
readers are lazy! What is paragraph coherence? evidence and examples are organized in a logical manner, and each is connected and flows from one to the next CONNECTIONS Follow a sentence that makes a general statement with a specific example Connecting Through Ideas Use a sentence to reflect or comment on an idea introduced in the previous sentence Ask the reader a question and follow it with the answer The gap in pay between people with basic skills and people without seems to be widening. In one comparison, the pay difference between women of varied mathematical skills had grown from $.93 an hour in 1978 to $1.71 an hour in 1986. The idea that in America hard work leads to financial success has been one of our most successful exports. For decades immigrants have arrived in the U.S. with a dream that here they can have what was impossible in their home countries, where they were limited by class structure or few opportunities. Why should the government invest in research? Research leads to technological advances that create employment, as was shown in the years following World War II. Use a pronoun whose antecedent appears in the previous sentence Connecting Through Words or Phrases Repeat a key word or phrase Use a synonym The idea of a perfect society, though never realized, continues to intrigue political philosophers. None of these philosophers seem to agree on where perfection lies. According to my research, physical beauty is still considered a more important asset for women than for men. Looks are everything, according to several girls I spoke to, while the boys I interviewed felt that their athletic prowess and social status were at least as important as their appearance. Gabriel Garcia Marquez suspends the laws of reality in his novels. He creates bizarre and even magical situations that reveal character in surprising ways. Use transitional words
and phrases Use word patterns The reasons for the dean's announcing his decision to day are clear. First, students will recognize that he is listening to their concerns. Second, faculty will applaud the end of a disruptive period of indecision. Third... above, across from, afterward, before, behind, below, beyond, earlier, elsewhere, here, in the distance, later, near by, next to, opposite to, to the left or right Time or Place The church stood at the top of the hill. Below stretched miles of orchards. for example, for instance, specifically, to be specific Example She treated him well. For example, she bought him a car and new clothes. but, however, nevertheless, on the contrary, on the other hand, otherwise, yet Contrast The product promised he'd grow new hair. However, all he grew was a rash. similarly, in the same way, equally important, likewise, while Similarity The main character worships her. Likewise, his brother also has strong feelings for her. and, again, further, furthermore, in addition, moreover, too, additionally Amplification The plan is far too expensive to implement in the next year. Furthermore, it won't work. in other words, more simply stated, that is, to clarify, altogether, finally, in conclusion, in short, to summarize Restatement and Conclusion No one volunteered to help set up for the dance. In other words, no one cared about it. accordingly, as a result, consequently, therefore, thus Consequences Hamlet disdained Ophelia. As a result, she killed herself. indeed, in fact, of course, as a matter of fact, especially, truly Emphasis Elizabeth was angry at Darcy. In fact, she wanted nothing to do with him. 7. Unless it will take more than two words, spell out numbers greater than ten (a thousand, 407, sixty-three) 10 Rules for Writing Numbers 1. Ten or smaller spell it out 2. There are no other truly standard or agreed upon rules 3. When two numbers are next to each other choose one to spell out (usually the shorter one) Ex: seven 3-year-olds, 25 eighth graders 4. Don't start a sentence with a numeral, spell it out (this means you may have to restructure the sentence) 5. Centuries and decades should be spelled out (eighties, nineteenth century 10. Keep it consistent! 6. If the number is rounded, spell it out (about four million people) 9. Spell out ordinal numbers (first, thirteenth) 8. Use numbers for dates and time when using a.m. or p.m. NUMBERS If you think of an idea while you're writing, great, write it down. Often, though, the best time to write a title is after your paper is finished. Some Advice for Writing Titles A title should reflect your essay as a whole Be creative, but remember your audience and the tone you want to set "I'm Nobody" Finding Emily Dickinson in her Poetry
Emily Dickinson and her Poetry Gaining Safety or Losing Freedom: The Debate over Airport Security Measures
Airport Security Measures Only Skin Deep?
The Importance of Beauty to Today's Woman TITLES
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