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Parable of the Sower

No description

Tanya Valencic

on 5 May 2015

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Transcript of Parable of the Sower

The Parable
of the Sower

Nature & purpose of Religious Education
Resources for the classroom
Teaching Ideas
Links to the curriculum
The experiences that students have in their own lives enable them to celebrate and learn from the stories found in the Bible. These stories investigated in our RE curriculum which allows students to understand that God is revealed to them through these stories.

This parable is a focus of the level three, grade three unit of work 'The Church Lives the Word of the Lord'. In this unit of work "students examine the Parable of the Sower from Matthews Gospel and reflect on the meaning of this in their own lives. Students interpret this parable and present their understanding to the school community. At the end of the unit a group of students prepare a Liturgy of the Word to be celebrated by the class" (CEOM, 2008, p.1).
Possible outcomes from exploring this parable:
"This task will demonstrate how students relate the teachings of parables to their own lives" (CEOM, 2008, p.11).
"The task will indicate students' ability to interpret meanings in a parable" (CEOM, 2008, p.10).
Students would investigate this parable in conjunction with their To Know, Worship and Love text
Investigate the curriculum materials provided on the RESource webpage and look at appropriate links
Research what a parable means- “The word parable is a comparison or wise saying...in the gospels a parable is a saying or story of Jesus Christ that illustrates a teaching
Understand that the gospels of Mark, Matthew and Luke each contain a different interpretation of the parable
Jesus tells the parable and interprets the parable slightly differently in each

"As is typical with the parables told by Jesus, the sower parable is taken from the everyday life that the audience would have understood. In Palestine at the time of Jesus the sower would have sowed the seed in quite a casual fashion. It would not all land in good soil. Some might land in good soil, some on the path and some amongst the thorns. Jesus Christ sows the Word of the Kingdom in a way that also seems quite casual. When the seed finds a receptive heart, the way is set for the arrival of the kingdom in the fullness described. This is how the Church would grow with the readiness of people to receive the word, presupposing the repentance called for as part of the proclamation of that word (Mt 4: 17)". (Catholic Education Office Melbourne, 2008, p.2).
The Parable of the Sower
The Good Shepherd Experience
Teach liturgy song 'four little seeds' and get students to pair actions with the words. Share this at liturgy/school mass
Play picture bingo using the characters in the story
Perform a role play
Construct a class diorama
Word search activity
Students interpret the parable with a written response
A Cube Strategy (CEOM, 2008).
Fold-out book strategy (CEOM, 2008).
Appropriate Youtube videos telling the parable
Relevant liturgical songs
The Good Shepherd Experience materials. These materials must be:
True to the time the story was set in
Only including key elements of the story as to not distract students from the key messages
Sturdy and durable
Creative and original
Highly engaging, while helping the children to visualise the story
Worksheets that extend thinking and enable students to respond creatively
Craft materials required for creative activities
The Parable of the sower (RodTheNey, 2010).

Matthew 13
New International Version (NIV)
The Parable of the Sower ~ Flash Animation
Liturgy song- 'Four little seeds'- (the parable of the sower and the seed)
Liturgy song- 'Shine, Jesus, Shine- Music Video'
(Creationary, 2010)
(Jazziemani, 2009)
(ASKKB, 2007)
(GospelPictures, 2012).
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