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Scenario 2

No description

Jasmine Martinez

on 8 October 2012

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Transcript of Scenario 2

Alexander is in his last semester at the University of Texas at El Paso and as part of his intership for his degree in social work he decides to volunteer at a retierment home. The Physical The Circumstantial One day while Alexander is volunteering at the Retirement home he notices two edlerly residents arguing with each other. One of the old men involved is a white man, with alzheimer's disease, named Joe accusing a African American nurse, Janice, of going into his room at night and stealing his wristwatch while he was sleeping. Since, Alexander was a witness of the argument, Joe wants Alexander to act as his witness for the incident of Janice denying to have taken the watch. Alexander agrees to act as Joe's witness, but, he is also claiming that the nurse, Janice, made rude remarks about Joe only blaming her because of her race. The directer of the Retirement home is requesting that Alexander visits her office to fill out an official report of the incident. Scenario 2 He has to keep a weekly journal and make a final presentation. He has to take care of a Hispanic woman named Maria around 70. She does not walk much, needs assistance with bathing, and being escorted with the restroom. She has no relatives so Alexander volunteers ten hours a week and soon develops a strong friendship with the woman and she asks him to stay because she feels she is not being assisted much with the nurses. How should Alexander address this issue? What will be his strategy? Alexander should address this issue with a very calm yet approachable manner. He would not want to come out as too mean to others to where if the Maria is being mistreated, the other nurses would have more of a reason to mistreat her. There are many different strategies that can be used in this scenario, for example, Alexander could get a friend or acquaintance to go in and study how the other patients are being treated and with the results compare what could be going on. Yet the most effective strategy could be asking around the other patients on what they think is happening. He can ask how they are treated with the nurses, as if they are providing service to them with care or if they also feel as if mistreated. If Alexander were to come up to bad results that show it is just the lady being mistreated he can then bring up his information to anyone in charge of the retirement home. Alexander should approach this situation by not picking sides at all unless he knows for sure who is wrong in the situation, because if he were to choose a side the situation would turn into an even bigger mess then it already is. Alexander should also take a positive attitude that the watch was just misplaced and not actually stolen. How should Alexander approach this situation?
What kind of attitude should he take? Emotional
If Alexander does consider visiting Maria more often to help her, he really does not have much to consider in general opinion. I think maybe a major factor would be him having to just probably consider how much time he can consider giving the women. If anything bad were to happen, I think the worst that could happen would be maybe Maria could start taking advantage of the fact that she does have much help from him and later in time she could start pushing Alexander to the point where he knows what she is doing and leaves. What should he consider if he accepts visiting her more often? Explain. One week after the incident Joe's son, John, went to visit him. John was the one responsible for taking to watch. Joe didn't remember that he had asked his son to take it to the jewelers so that he can clean it. Alexander should approach this situation as a positive one since it did have a positive outcome. He should include this incident just to show what kind of difficult scenarios he may possibly be in working at a social worker. How should Alexander address this issue in his final reflection and presentation?
What is his strategy for including/not including this incident in his presentation? •How should Alexander address this issue? What is his strategy? Alexander should get more information on why the lady is saying that she feels the way she does. He should get more information from the lady and ask the other nurses why they think the old lady is feeling this way. If the result are the lady is over exaggerating over something small then Alexander should have a talk with the lady. If the results are that the nurses ignore him and he notices that she is being mistreated, then he can talk to the lady and offer to help her more with the problem and then he can talk to the main director of the home and let the situation fall there. •How should Alexander report it to the professor in charge on his internship? To the director in charge of the retirement home? Alexander should first gather enough information that he feels can actually prove the situation to his professor and the director. He must report anything that he feels must be told to his professor due to the fact that this can have a major effect on his grade and affect what he is working to be. After he gains enough information he should then tell the director and let him resolve the conflict. While volunteering at the retirement home, Alexander notices that Maria is arguing with some nurses. When Alexander asks her why she us arguing with them, she claims that they are treating her badly because she is Hispanic. Alexander starts noticing how the nurses treat Maria and he notices that the nurses are composed of different races. Some of the hispanic nurses agree that non-white residents poorly. However, they disagree or do not wish to disclose any information.
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