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Unit 23 - Organising Sports Events

No description

Benjamin Cox

on 24 September 2013

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Transcript of Unit 23 - Organising Sports Events

Unit 23 - Organising Sports Events

Staff Cox

Lesson Aim (s) and Objective (s)
Aim - Prepare learner’s to plan and deliver event

- Roles and Responsibilities for Sports Events -
Each of you are to think of one role and a matched responsibility for those involved in organising successful sports events
Other Responsibilities

1) Describe/explain 4 types of events
2) Identify the purpose of 4 events
3)Describe the roles and responsibilities of those involved, YOU

- Lesson Recap -
1) What are the different types of sport events?
2) What might be the purpose of the following events?
- The Purpose of Sports Events -
- The Purpose of Sport Events cont-
Participant Focused Events
Aim to give people a good time and for them to enjoy their sport
A family orienterring event or school ski trip
Research and knowledge development about the location of the trip, photos and a reunion night
In groups, use the internet and research what type of roles will be required for a successful sporting event
Hierarchy of Roles
- Coordinator -
This person coordinates the operational side of event planning and preparation, i.e. specific tasks and responsibilities. This person will be in charge on event day and coordinate evaluation and clear up
- Chairperson -
This person often has two roles: the first is internal, as they chair and organize meetings, and the second is external as they represent the team when dealing with outside organizations
- Secretary -
This person heads up the administration of an event, taking notes at meetings and dealing with other types of communication such as emails and phone calls. They are often the heart of communications
-Finance Officer -
This person will look after any money the team deals with. They control budgets, record income, spending and balance funds at the end
- Marketing Officer -
This person looks after the trading and selling opportunities of the event, for example ticket sales and sponsorship potentials
- Publicity Officer -
This person coordinates how the event is publicised. They work with the marketing person to decide how to attract people to the event
- Stewards -
Volunteers, they provide instructions and ensure crowd safety
- Specialist coaches or trainers -
May come in to take sessions focusing on skills, training or tactics. Not an essential part of the events team but still beneficial WHY?
-Resource and Safety Manager-
Equipment and person safety
- What event would you like to run -
- What team would you like to be in? -
Looking after the flow of materials through and to the event
When, where and in what qauntity
Equipment for participants and spectators
- Health & safety -
Legislation and codes of practice
Negligence - Lacking due attention or duty of care which cause injury or loss
- Liaison -
External and internal communication between the team and groups outside of group members

Liaison - working between two parties or more as a communicator
- Marketing -
Working closely with your team to develop a marketing plan
4 PS
Product (Kind of event)
Price (Entry)
Place (Venue)
Promotion (Techniques)
- Publicity -
Promotion of the event
-Raising funds -
Fund raising activities
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