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Green technology in the future

No description

on 3 January 2014

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Transcript of Green technology in the future

Green technology in the future
Cardboard vacuum cleaner

Relies on RFID* clothing tags that instantly tells the size and the matierial of clothing, which customises temperature and amount of steam.
Clothes Steamer
Instantly cleans with high power jet of steam
Made from recycled materials
Can be drawn on and decorated!
Self Sterilising door handles
When not in use, a UV light cleans the surface.
Steam mop
Cleans hard floors with pure water
Kills most germs and bacteria without chemichals
My own ideas for future green technology
Air conditioner running on carbon dioxide
Does not produce greenhouse gases such as CFC
How to extract C02 from air?
How to convert carbon dioxide into electrical energy?

Information Source
http://www.organicauthorith.com/santuary/five-futuristic-gadgets for green cleaning.html
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