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Flower's world

Offer the use of online communication and crowdsourcing for the "Flower world " and

Shigapova Nelly

on 16 October 2012

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Transcript of Flower's world

Flower's world Offers the use of
Internet communi-
for "Flower world" "Flower World" offers affordable yet elegant flowers for all occasions. For the holidays, we are creating themed bouquets. Besides "Flower world" offers decorations and flowers decorating the house, rooms for different occasions and events.
What is our company different from others?
1. Always fresh and cheap flowers online from a dealer
2. Every two weeks we have changed exclusive flowers
3. Various interesting contests and promotions on our website
4. Flower delivery at any time and anywhere in the city
5. The order of the store on the our website About the company 1.Context ads use these words:
exclusive flower
design flower
themed bouquets
create bouquets himself
decoration with flowers
holidays 2.Banners on the sites what types of sites?
online shops of present
info about flowers,
creating bouquets
cafes and restaurants
party 3. Our site It will include
some info about flowers
some idea of decoration house with flowers 4. Crowdsourcing Different tenders.
For example, on the site
will think up a bunch of program.
You create a bouquets, if your bouquet will be selected by our florists, you will receive a coupon with 5% discount. 5.Creation of groups
in social networks which networks
twitter Shigapova Nelly
Alexandr Grabko
Toloraya Anna
Yaroslavseva Victoria Thank you for your attention The presentation
was made by The video about the power of flowers
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