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CCC FLEX Spring 2016

No description

Ryan Theule

on 11 May 2016

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Transcript of CCC FLEX Spring 2016

Completed Campus Rendering
Evening View (exterior seating looking west)
Terrain Detail (looking northeast at 1A & 1B)
Courtyard (looking North at Science Bldg)
Outside seating (looking west)
Courtyard (looking north at 1A)
Plaza (looking northeast at Bldg 1B)
$18 million total cost
55,000 square feet, 2-story building provides 24,250 square feet of science teaching/learning space.
Includes 8 labs: Zoology/Botany/ Marine Biology; Microbiology; Anatomy & Physiology (2); Physics/Environmental/Astronomy; Chemistry (3)
Also houses four lab services spaces
Includes a 75-seat lecture hall
Provides 3 faculty/staff office spaces

The Science Building
$15 million total cost
34,000-square-foot building, 3-story building
Will be the second permanent building constructed on Campus.
Multi-story building will contain student classrooms on the upper floors and house student service functions at the Main Plaza level
Will include 11,990 of general classroom space
6,050 of computer lab space
5,400 of student services office space
2,800 of distance learning/media space
1,560 of miscellaneous space
Library space in reading/study rooms

Classroom & Student Resource Center
California has not passed a statewide school construction bond since 2006.
There is an approximately $30 billion backlog in community college facilities needs awaiting funding.
A $9 billion statewide construction bond qualified for the November 2016 ballot through the initiative process.
$2 billion of the bond will be allocated for community college projects.
Under current state funding formulas, COC would pay just 17 percent of the cost of construction due to the high need for facilities at CCC, with the state covering the remaining costs.

To be eligible to receive state bond funds, colleges must contribute their own resources to help construction projects.
College of the Canyons has funds available from Measure M, which local voters passed in 2006, to pay its share of construction costs, which is estimated to be between 10 percent and 20 percent of the total project cost.

Statewide Facilities Information
Landscaped area (looking north at 1B & 1A)
Courtyard (looking northwest at Bldg 1A)
Aerial View (looking north)
Campus Aerial

Canyon Country Campus
is the site of current and ongoing innovation that is responsive to the workforce and educational needs of the community. The District is dedicated to providing the same high-quality instruction and services at the Canyon Country Campus as at its Valencia Campus, as demonstrated by its planning and commitment of staff, faculty, and resources.

A Comprehensive Campus
Growing a Distinct Campus Identity
Maintaining consistent services
"Satellite" vs. "Branch" campus
Intentional academic pathways
Campus "by the numbers" data demonstrates growth
Incremental improvements each semester
Substantial facilities improvements on the immediate horizon
Importance of EFMP activities
Transformation of modular campus spaces into new, permanent, state-of-the-art buildings.
Don't miss the opportunity to be part of the district's next frontier of growth & opportunity at CCC!
- spring 2016 flex presentation -
ccc flex
ccc flex
ccc flex
ccc flex
ccc flex
ccc flex
ccc flex
New Campus Architectural Model!
Sneak Peak!
And now a look at the most recent architectural models for permanent buildings at CCC!
The Canyon Country Campus is ready for the future. It was designed to grow. Most of the underground infrastructure— electrical, communications, and water—to support future permanent facilities has already been installed.
Also put into place was central plant piping to support the district’s sustainable development goals. Campus growth is planned to meet the community’s educational needs, and to anticipate the educational and training programs that will help students succeed in the future.
The Canyon Country Campus has been built and developed to enable the Santa Clarita Community College District to continue to provide academic education and workforce training for a growing population in the region.

This exciting, young campus is dynamically planned to meet the educational demands of the community it serves, to be innovative and responsive to the workforce and educational needs of the community, and to anticipate the educational and training programs that will be needed in the future.
Spring 2016 Event Highlights
• 2/2 – CCC FLEX Day
• 3/9 – Board of Trustees Meeting at CCC
• 3/22 – Foundation Board at CCC
• 3/30 – Campus Success Walk
(Student Scholarship Event)
• 4/16 – Garden Walk
• 4/28 – Spring 2016 Chamber Mixer
• 5/3 – Classified Appreciation Breakfast
• 5/13 – Spring Star Party w/ astronaut
• May – Battle of the Bands (TBD)


Highlights from the Fall
Many "Marquee" Events to Highlight Campus Success
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