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Organ Donation

No description

on 2 July 2013

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Transcript of Organ Donation

Reasons why people oppose being organ donors.
Why do we need to donate?
There is an organ shortage and alternatives are not nearly as successful as human organs.
Let's debunk those myths!
These reasons of organ donor opposition are invalid because they are just myths.
Examining Organ Donation
Organdonor.gov states that approximately 18 people die, while waiting for organ donations, everyday in the U.S.
But there is something we can do about it: becoming organ donors.
Why are people apprehensive when it comes to organ donation?
We don't like to talk about our death.
We want to remain oblivious about the facts, so that we don't have to think about what happens to us after death.
The hospital won't want to save my life if they know that others could benefit from my organs once I am deceased.

I might not actually be dead, when they decide it's time to call my death and harvest my organs.

Donating my organs is against my religion or culture.

I am not healthy enough for my organs to be viable donations.

I am too young to make this legal decision, or I am too old and my organs probably won't be good candidates.

I cannot have a traditional funeral if I donate my organs.
Because we do not want to think about death, it is easy for us to accept the misconceptions of organ donation.
Doctors rarely save one's life at the expense of others' lives. A doctor's priority is to save your life!

Doctor's perform more tests on organ donors, than those that are not, to ensure they truly are deceased.

Most religions and cultures support organ donation, and view the issue as a matter of individual

You can be too young to sign a donor card, but you family can honor your choice when asked for hospital consent.

There is no age limit for organ donation.

There are few medical conditions that would disqualify your organs from being viable donations.

You do not have to die in order to donate! But if you do, you can still have an open casket service.
A single donor can save up to 8 lives!
Be selfish while being selfless!
Be aware of the difference you can make, and choose to become an organ donor today.

Visit organdonor.gov to register, and let your family know of your wishes.
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