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Welcome to First Grade!

No description

joli norris

on 20 September 2013

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Transcript of Welcome to First Grade!

Birthdays, Lunch & Snacks
Welcome to First Grade!
Who I Am
Our Schedule
First Grade Curriculum
Miscellaneous Items

Social Curriculum
Responsive Classroom is built on the premise that students learn better in a nurturing, supportive environment where all students are appreciated and respected.

What about Spelling and handwriting?
Ms. Joli Norris
6th Year Teaching - Taught Abroad
Elementary Teaching Certificate from TCNJ
Master's of Education
2nd Grade Maternity Leave Position
First Grade Team!
Our Schedule
Day 1 - PE,
Day 2 - Library
Day 3 - Computers
Day 4 - Art,
Day 5 - PE
Day 6 - PE, Music
Shared Reading/Word Study

Read to Self

Guided Reading

Literacy Centers

Reading in the First Grade
Writing in the First Grade
Based on the Teacher’s College Reading and Writing Project framework,
Writer’s Workshop in our classroom consists of:
1. Mini-Lessons

2. Workshop-Style Writing and Individual Student Conferences

3. Post-Workshop Share

We also use Schoolwide writing units of study, as well as Schoolwide grammar and conventions units of study.

Math in the First Grade
Guided Discovery
Problem Solving
Math Centers
Addition and Subtraction Math Facts through 20

What is Basic Skills Instruction (BSI)?
Differentiated Instruction
Small-group setting
Ongoing assessment

Living and Nonliving Things
How Animals and Plants Live
Life Cycles
Science in the First Grade
People Everywhere
World of Work
Everything Changes
Where We Live
Good Citizens

Social Studies in the First Grade
There's room for more???
Health Units:
Safety, Social and Emotional Health
Diseases and Health Conditions
Personal Growth and Development

*Morning Meeting
Monday – Spelling (this will begin in early November)
Tuesday – Double-sided Math Page
Wednesday – Word Wall Words Activity and/or Phonics Worksheet
Thursday – Double-sided Math Page
Friday - No Homework!

Various Nights – Guided Reading (this will begin in mid-October)

* Reading nightly at least 15 minutes
Differentiated Instruction
What is it?
How do I do that?
Book Orders
Build your home library while contributing to our class library
Our class code - MGQVF
General Reminders
Take Home Folder
Change in Transportation Home
Preventing the Spread of Germs
Report Cards/Progress Reports

Report Cards 4 times a year
Progress Reports sent half way through each marking period
Copy of the Report Card on the school website
Contact Information
Telephone: 732-741-4022
Email: jnorris@littlesilver.k12.nj.us

What about spelling and handwriting?
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