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Crane Strain Project

No description

Baylen Caldwell

on 16 January 2013

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Transcript of Crane Strain Project

By: Baylen, Emily, Azaria, and Maddi The Crane Strain We chose this design, because it seemed like the most efficient way to make it the strongest. We chose the square shape for the boom, because it provided more space to add more truss members. This would provide more strength for the crane, and hold it together through testing. We painted it pink to represent girl power, and the beads were to add color and to hold the crane together more. Why we chose this design: The length of the boom is 16". Length of Boom:
The mass of the boom was 276g. This is really bad because we added even more weight to the crane with beads, that wasn't needed. It also held us back compared to the other cranes, because we had already added more weight before the testing even started. Mass of Boom: Our crane held 2765 kg. Which is 6.07 lbs. This is terrible compared to other cranes that held 19 lbs. Maximum Load held: The efficiency of our crane was 10. That's really bad. Efficiency: If we were to do this project again, we would have worked harder on the structure than on the appearance. Next time we wouldn't add the beads because they just added more weight to the crane, that we would've used in the testing. We would also use wood glue instead of hot glue, because the hot glue wasn't strong enough to hold the crane together against the weight. We would still paint it pink. :) Refinements:
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