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GTA iv (grand theft auto 4)

No description

Daphie Macauley

on 9 June 2010

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Transcript of GTA iv (grand theft auto 4)

GTA IV (grand theft auto 4) GTA is one popular example of technology in the video game industry. This video game was released for playstation 3 & Xbox 360. Technologies
Video games were first introduced in the late 1940's and later on in the 1960's more computer games were developed and incresed in sophistication and complexity. Video games were then seperated into different platforms such as: arcade, mainframe, console, personal computer and handheld games.

There are various types of platforms that have come out in the gaming industry over the years.
Games consoles like:
Playstation 2 (ps2)
Playstation portable (psp)
Playstation 3
nintendo DS
In the 21st centrury, video games have increasingly realistic graphics which are mostly HD compatible.

Platfroms Platfroms nintendo wii The nintendo wii is a seventh- generation games console and was releasded by nintendo on 19th november 2006. In 2009, it broke the record for best- selling console in a single month in the Unites states.

The nintendo wii has many technological capabilities such as:
works on any type of television setup
Wireless communication- internet via adapter and wii LAN adapter
conect wirelessly with nintendo ds
show photos on your tv because of its sd memory slot
an mp3 0n the memory card for music
track a person's every move with the slendor sensor bar
more than two players with 4 controller slots
is compatible with all nintendo gamecube tm titles
4 wii remotes to communicate with wii
links to your tv with an av multi-output
wii friend messages
updates from wii connect24
blue glow on the disk slot when you recieve an email
Production Distribution Marketing & Exchange Audience Consumption Relationships Between Audience
and Institutions There are now different types of controllers used for different types of video games and consoles. Controllers like:
joysticks, Eyetoy, dance mats are quite rare nowerdays and are aimed to widen appeal particularly to make gaming more social and have more of a feminine feel to the video games.
guns, steering wheels, guitars and gamepads are more common controlleres used for video games. Controllers: Types of games: There are different types games that categorise the different platforms and controllers a person uses for a video game
rolo-playing games
massively- multiplayer role playing games
First- person shooters Format of Games: There are different types of formats set for a certain type of genre of a video game. Most video games are linear, either level based or target based.
Cut scenes are also used for video games to provide narrative structure and develop characters in the game.
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