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Psycho-pedagogy & Personalised Learning

Education 2a presentation

Lynsey Miller

on 23 October 2012

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Transcript of Psycho-pedagogy & Personalised Learning

Learning Diana Burton
Journal of Education for teaching
Vol. 33, No. 1, 2007 Evidence Based Pedagogy Conclusion Government and Media If we teach today's children as we did yesterday's, we rob them of tomorrow! Jolly Phonic and Formative Assessment Learning Styles The good, the bad & the ugly Curriculum for Excellence V.a.K.s
Onion Are we limiting a learners,
learning capacity? Charles Leadbeater Fashion, Edutainment
and change?! references Personalised Learning Diana Burton http://www.education.gov.uk/childrenandyoungpeople/strategy/laupdates/a0073938/education-bill John Dewey Burton, D. (2007) Psycho-pedagogy and personalised learning, Journal of Education for Teaching, 33 (1), p5-17.

Darling, J. (1986) Child-centred, Gender-centered; a criticism of progressive curriculum theoryfrom Rousseau to Plowden, Oxford Review of Education, 12 (1), p31-40.

Goodman, J. F. (2006) School Discipline in Moral Disarray, Journal of Moral Education, 35 (2), p213-230.

Raveau, M. (2004) Assessment in French and English Infant Schools: assessing the work, the child or the culture?, Assessment in Education: principles, policy & practice, 11 (2), p193 -211.
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